Burmese Classic Movies 2015

Myanmar classics 2015

Home; Last joint film; Total 6799 films. Burmese Harp is a 1956 Japanese drama film directed by Kon Ichikawa. Films starring Nay Htoo Naing.

Aung Nandar, Zon Pann Pwint May 22, 2015. A total of 1532 Asian films with Myanmar subtitles.

best films from Burma

The Myanmar army has launched an action against the..... U.S. call Myanmar operations against Rohingya'ethnic'..... Legend of Naresuan..... The story goes that the film shows the Naresuan kings fire the Muskete through the city..... Best Navy movies ever. From John Farr. To see over 2,400 of the best movies on DVDs, check out Best Movies by Farr.

They also won the Best OST Awards at the.... and many videotheques now selling corean plays and movies besides..... Myanmar's first filmfestival... films for kids and young audiences. IDPs take refuge in a church in Myitkyina, while Myanmar's army still..... the première of the picture....

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Hunting for the next Oscar-winning film-maker in Asia!

We focus on creating movie material, so I recently visited the Memory Heritage Movie Festivals in Yangon to see how we can help expand the film-making community in Myanmar. Launched in 2012, this event took place in Cambodia in June 2013 and June 2014.

It is a movie theatre experience devoted entirely to the movies of the past, one of a kind in Asia. Aim of the Biennale is to increase consciousness for the preservation and restauration of movies. In the 2015 issue, the primary topic was "Women". Kung Fu actors Cheng Pei-Pei and Michelle Yeoh were present as well as Marrie Lee a.k. a Cleopatra Wong, a 1978 Bobby A. Suarez movie that was the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill show.

The aim of the Memory Movie Festivals is not only to conserve old films, but also to show them to a wide public so as not to overlook them. Thus the event was open to all and free of charge. Catherine Deneuve and her sisters Françoise Dorléac from 1966 took part in the opening ceremony of the Rochefort Young Girls Musicians' Day with them.

Every day, attendees were able to take part in either film shows or master classes and studios run by cinematographers, film-makers, directors, production companies or theaters. Meetings were designed to educate young Burmese cinemas around the world: from culture testimonials to classic Burmese movies to hands-on tips on how best to compete for film festivals.

Howard Besser, Professor Tisch NYU, on the development of the female cinematography. Writing screenplays with Gabrielle Kelly, Professor, Table Asia NYU; Maintaining a winning rapport with French director Olivier Assayas; What do you need to play in movies in Tuxia with actors Cheng Pei-Pei and Michelle Yeoh; How best to profit from MPA - Motion Picture Association with Susan Lee.

Aim was to help young film makers articulate their voices, not only through documentary movies on Burma's politics, but also through narratives. Many Myanmar film makers want to sell their movies / documentary movies at home and abroad. Currently, these film makers face fundamental challenges, such as low accessibility to information that prevents them from accessing their contents on appropriate film festival applications or financial constraints.

To help film-makers in Asia, we have chosen to support the Singapore Myanmar Film Festival. The SMFF is hosting its second annual event this year and will open up a Burmese minority with 300,000 inhabitants in Singapore. In late November, talented film-makers from Singapore and Myanmar will be presented on the joint topic of'Tales of two Cities'.

Renowned guest speakers and jurors such as Zarganar or Gabrielle Kelly - Professor at the Asia Table, NYU. Tsarganar is the most beloved Satirician, performer and film maker in Myanmar. Entrust your film to the Singapore Myanmar Film Festivals stage! Hopefully, this event will encourage young people in Singapore and Burma to speak out by creating and telling stories.

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