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7. 2 late 1990s; 7. 3 early 2000s; 7.

4 late 2000s; 7. 5 2010s; 7. 6 In development. Films starring Ye Yint Thway. Like the film Fires on the Plain, the Burmese harp focuses more on the Japanese war costs than the Burmese ones. Written on December 30, 2010 in WWII Movies by Pat DiGeorge 0 Comments.

The Hero of Burma (1945) - The Hero of Burma (1945) - Case Studies

He was seldom better!

Twenty-six out of 30 found that useful. Japanese are "moral idiots", "savages" and "monkeys" (three times).

That' far from an offensive comic strip film. "It' basically a''travel'' film.

The movie was made in California (as I remember) and had a very real look and feeling.

I' ve created "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Operation Burma" and "That Forsyte Woman" for Errol Flynn. During World War II I have "Operation Burma", "They Were Expendable" and "Saving Private Ryan".

Erol and the support actors are excellent.

and this could be one of his best parts.

Masterly, brave, captivating - Errol Flynn?

With Cagney' s incredible twist in Yankee Doodle Dandy or Bogart' s African Queen - if you had never thought that Flynn could act, this film will turn your mind.

when it was released in 1945. I' googled all the comedians in the picture.

When Errol says to Henry Hull, "Do you know how old the colonel's in there? ERROLE was 30, of course. Talking to him about this movie.

Myanmar was a UK operational area, just as the Philippines was an US operational area.

Only Flynn looks at him and talks to him.

"He said to Wald, "Look, Jerry, there are no US forces in Burma.

Some other bad things happened, although they were slightly overshadowed by the good.

Also shows the jungles as almost a big foe like the Japanese.

Flynn's best war movie still exciting, today.....

He' s very reserved and the movie works very well.

and I think he's suffering from it.

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