Burmese Classic Movies

Classical Burmese Films

No female roles in this movie. D├ętails Emerge;'Batman : TAS' Et Classique'Superman' Films To Be Offered. The Maltese Falcon, a statuette from the John Huston-Humphrey Bogart classic, is one of the most famous and coveted film memorabilia in history.

Classical movies from the Second World War (action/ war/ drama)

One of the daughters of Madariaga the Frenchman in Argentina is wedded to a Frenchman, while the other is wed to a German, which leads to a crises when Nazi Germany keeps France occupied and some Madariaga members of the Madariaga families are fighting on opposite sides. Captain Jim Gordon's commando over the famous US group of mercenaries in China is hampered by the recruiting of an old buddy who is a ruthless thug.

The Frenchwoman Michele de la Becque, an enemy of the Nazis in German-occupied Paris, is hiding a dejected US aviator, Pat Talbot, and trying to get him out of the United States. In Nazi Germany Kitty operates a whorehouse where the troops "relax". In each room recorders were set up by a power-hungry military officer who wants to use the information to extort Hitler and come to government himself.

A short introduction to the lives of the famous George M. Cohan, the famous writer, dramatist, actor, performer and musician. The U.N. researcher Larsen transmits an alarm on a NATO radio beacon on the secluded Norwegian Bear Island, which was used by the Germans as a U-boat station during the Second World War, and is picked up by the science ship Morning Rose.

In the early years of the Second World War, this Nazis promoted the deeds of a group of German air force drivers who flew Stukas - warplanes. Oskar Schindler slowly began to worry about his Jews in German-occupied Poland during the Second World War after experiencing their harassment by the Nazis.

Suspicions fall on three general and Major Grau of the German secret service looks for injustice despite the continuing horrors of the Second World War. If a military commander is suspected of death in combat, his double has the task of delivering the message to his team. Featuring the last five years of the India guide Subhas Chandra's career, the movie also contains his biography in flashbacks.

The dispute over Bose's death: the lives and lives of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (founder and commanding officer of the Indian National Armies of Azad Hind Fauj) during the Second Worid Wars. Soon after the Japanese-style Pearl Harbor assault, a physician and his associates in a Corregidor clinic on the Philippines are trying to take care of the ill, hurt and hurt, while US and Filipino forces are desperate to repulse a wild Japane-style onslaught.

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