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podcasting The Burmese Harp,''Nights of Cabiria' &'White Dog''.

Wellcome to another issue of Over/Under Movies, the panel discussion in which we select and debate an overvalued movie and an undervalued movie - similar in sound, gender, styles or how we think it's right. We' re doing things a little differently in this section because my co-host Oktay Ege Kozak has selected three songs from the Criterion Collection that are either underestimated or difficult to find.

The Burmese Harp", a 1956 anti-war movie by Kon Ichikawa about a pacifistic military man who became a friar after the surrender of Japan in the Second World war. But unlike the fetishisation of force in the film's fighting scene, Oktay argues that Ichikawa's movie is a real anti-war movie that does not fall victim to the conflict between peace-making and well-fired, visible actions.

On the subject of contradiction: we move to Fedrico Fellini's 1957 movie "The Nights of Cabiria", in which Giulietta Masina can be seen in her probably most beautiful part as a streetwalker in search of romanism. Although the movie is very popular (it was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Movie in 1958 and is represented in the IMDb Top 250), it is oddly the most challenging of the three titles we are discussing (the Criterion DVDs have been out of stock for quite some time).

Both of us are agreed that it is a nice movie that should be searched for immediately. Eventually we move from the light Italian candles of the 1950s to California of the 1980s to debate Samuel Fuller's "White Dog". Kriterion published the disputed movie on home movie for the first aired in 2008, after Paramount stopped it in 1982 and only a few shows during this 26 year timeframe.

Filler's movie about a "white dog" - a young adult training for attacking blacks - does not take any hits, and unfortunately it is still relevant in our present socio-political climat. Although non-uniform, it is a movie that is really underestimated and requires to be seen.

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