Burmese Classic Movie Songs

Classical Burmese film songs

Burmese classic. Oral and written translation of Burmese classical songs. The Burmese classical music ensembles can be divided into outdoor and indoor ensembles. The Mahagita, translated as "great music" in Pali, is an extensive collection of classical Burmese songs, called Thachin Gyi. In fact, most of the songs in my country are love songs.

Musica and instruments

Synopsis/Topic:Abstract: "The copy thaichin or copy track category permeates the Myanmar world. The songs are similar to covers of already recorded Burmese songs, but with new texts in Burmese that are played by Burmese musicans. They can have unbelievable cross-genre abilities, from blue to pop, from massive metals to salsas.

In Myanmar, as elsewhere, the present status of Myanmar's musical productions is linked to the nation's past and years of armed domination, as well as to the country's financial problems and restrictions. Proponents of the Copy Thai style claim that the lending of internationally acclaimed songs has enabled native performers to study something about world pop culture, and the large number of Myanmar's top performing singers and singers testify to this.

At the same time, with the abolition of the strict rule of censure and the growing exposure to global consumption cultures, groups of Myanmar musical enthusiasts are becoming more and more discerning about Copy Thatchin and see the practices as a derivation and embarrassing one. It examines the story of the art form, the ideas of genuineness, and discusses Myanmar's shifting relation to the emblematic capitol of its own cultural industries and its relation to internationally acclaimed cultural life.

Descriptive/Topic: "On behalf of CPCS, Myanmar: The Portraits of Heritage is a set of shorts designed to encourage debate and encourage the public to recognize, accept and celebrate Myanmar's diverse religions. By sharing histories of collaboration across religions, racial and racial boundaries and the ability to lead a peaceful life within the nation, fellowship leaders shared analyses and insight into the threats of intercommunal force and illustrated the ability to lead a peaceful life..... The movie attempts to encourage alternate narrations on Myanmar's ethnical and religious questions, highlighting tolerances and collaboration rather than conflicts and persecution. Here are some of the most important examples.

Descriptive/Topic: "This paper describes the spoken and spoken translation of Burmese classic songs or tachingyi (great song), especially those for vocal and hard instruments (saung gauk). More than a thousand songs were listet under the heading Thaichingyi. Since the tunes of some of these songs have been forgotten, less than half of them are still used.

Whoever has the most extensive repertory can perform about 400 songs. Most of the other artists are playing a sample of the 169 songs included in Naingandaw mu gaha ga (The Naingandaw mu gaha nationale rendition of NAIN ), the NAIN lyrics album. Experiments were made to transliterate this kind of work, but none of them were efficacious, apart from the notation of the important violinist U Myint Maung (1937-2001).

I' ll then describe how the musical is passed on verbally and which elements allow the verbal transfer. Eventually I will be discussing how to tackle the standardisation of Burmese classic songs...." Synopsis/Topic:It's been more than 30 years, but it' s been a long time since regime arrival in Burma, combining pop, folk, blues, pop and hip-hop in the country's musical world.

Synopsis/Topic:The Tiger Girls, Burma's response to the famous Spice Girls, quickly scratch their way to the top of the Burmese population? "Burma's first all-girl group came on in February last year and has since established a large following - without members of the country's censors, who rejected some of the group's more audacious English-language lyrics....".

Synopsis/Topic:A Burmese unrivalled group won the second round of a competition of more than 3,000 groups from South East Asia, which took place in Malaysia in June. Synopsis/Topic:Mon musician throws the limelight on a endangered tradional guitar..... Descriptive/Topic:Young artists turn a musician' s tendency into a real rifle..... "but Burmese youngsters have found ways to use their favourite style of playing to get their policy messages across...."

abstract/topic:A woman's conservation drive for the Golden Triangle Tribal peoples..... FLCTORIA RELATES The songs of these individuals are their replacement for a story that has been writing, said Victoria Vorreiter, who documented and recorded for five years the songs, poems and songs of six large ethnical groups: the Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, Lisu and Mien....".

Synopsis/Topic:From Armee-Dur to a popular performer is a big step forward, but Nay Ye Mann seems to have made it with great difficulty..... "Former Burmese military engineer-in-charge, he has earned a leading place in the Burmese musical community with smart advertising campaign involving dazzling girls and beautiful actors..."

Synopsis/Topic: "The good thing for Burma's musical community is that the beloved pop actor Lay Phyu is back in the limelight. This mysterious Rockstar left the group in 2006 after a mysterious 15-year existence-show. Bay of Bengal, Lay Phyu's new record, has reached the top of the Burmese chart, which he has been dominating for years...."

Descriptive/Topic:Iron Cross: "Burma's top-rockband, also known as IC, is 17 years old but still beating a beating. Founded in 1991 by five players under the direction of the deceased guitarsirto Saw Bwe Hmu, an ethnical Karen Christian, it mainly performed covers of Burmese lyric songs from abroad.

However, the songwriter Maung Maung Maung Zaw Latt and L Phyu liberated it from dependence on such famous US acts as Metallica and won it over from criticism and a broad audience...." Descriptive/Topic: "BURMA's hip-hop performing artists are now on the top spot among the government agencies, which have become more and more anxious since the protests in September 2007.

Yan Yan Chan, the last to experience the regime's discontent, is a pop lover of pop and hip-hop. Synopsis/Topic:" When I learned about the passing of Sai Htee Saing, his infamous track "Nwe Ok Or" ("The Summer Cuckoo") immediately reverberated in my head. Thangyat is one of the oldest samples of Burmese folklore.

Normally entertaining and satiric, Thangyat blends poesy, dancing and sound and is performed to the rhythm of a conventional thunderbolt. Historically, during the Burmese New Year, or Chingyan, young folks have recited public humoristic Thangyat songs that critique everything from policy to welfare manners.

The Burmese army generalals have altered all that. But Thangyat is still being kept afloat by the Burmese exile communities...." Synopsis/Topic:CD Mark's 20 Jubilee of 8-8-88... "The Burmese democratic movement's trip inspires the Burmese author Yeni to a CD devoted to the Burmese people's hope, desires and struggle in August 1988 and today.

Approximately 10 artists from the town of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand play on the CD entitled "New Light Festival", which has been published by Yeni, an author and journalistic veteran of The Irrawaddy mag. The twice-winning Thai Season Award winning Jo Rangsan Rasri Dip co-produced the record and played it in his Duem Dontri Studios in Chiang Mai...."

Descriptive/Topic: "For about 20 years, Thingyan-moe has been an everyday food source for Burmese who celebrate their New Year's Eve party. When the Burmese cast splash waters over each other, the exertions of his music are heard everywhere. However, the film, which features songs and dancing numbers from the North' city of Mandalay, could now have a competitor.

Cambodia, the Chinese Yunnan Provinces, Laos, Vietnam, North Thailand and Burma have been asked by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to participate in a specific folk dance programme....". Descriptive title: "Is a Swiss Youth Hostel still a summer night's sleep? The groundbreaking Burmese composer Myo-ma Nyein's life-long effort was at last honored when the recently founded Burmese International Philharmonic appeared before an international public in Rangoon in September....

Descriptive/Topic: "I think I can be more like a ball they could use to hit back. Combining the rythm of regime with powerful words that help the Shan fight for independency, the latest excursion into Burmese policy. Wandee Suntivutimetee interviewed the artists about freedom of speech and music..."

Descriptive/Topic: "The advancement of policy concepts in the field of classical and contemporary dance is a shared characteristic of the massive movement in Southeast Asia. The uncomfortable combination of the worlds of opera and government in Burma, where there is severe criticism and still a dictatorial army, is still meeting with strong opposition. As with other Southeast Asian policy movement, it has created a gathering place for the Burmese people during the Burmese upheaval.

Simultaneously, it is also intended to help the people of the nation by reinforcing the nation's solidarity, fostering gridlocked powers and passing on chosen assets and information to the masses....". Descriptive/Topic: "Dominated by coversongs from imported countries, Burmese pop continue to fight to find their own voices. An in-depth study examines the strategic interests of policy and the markets as key determinants of the overall design capability of the company.

Burmese popular music's 30-year voyage can be seen in this perspective, as it is a result of this controlling cultural and is still subjected to the strict and exploitationist policy and economic structure....". Synopsis/Topic: "Rap and hip-hop have taken root in Rangoon, but many still choose a different beats.

They' re just waitin' to join some of the newest and sexiest musical celebrities in Rangoon for an open-air concert..." Descriptive/Topic:"..... The Myanmar harmonica is to be used from the Pyu season. It was recorded to have been performed abroad by Myanmar musicans around the 9th AD.

The Myanmar songs are composed with the help of playing an instrument on the specified range of music. The Myanmar stringed instrument is mainly tuned on Saung dials. On the Hnyin Lone spectrum songs like Kyo, Bwe, Thichin Khant, etc. are used. Patpyo, Lei Htwe Than Kut, Lokanat etc. are playing on Yodia-Songs on Palei-Scale, Shit Sei Paw Tay Htat and Dain-Songs on Myin Saing-Scale.

Titel:Myanmar-Musik des Legären "Goldenen Landes" Description/Topic:".... In general, Burmese folk songs can be categorized according to their function. Those are Classical Traditions, Mahagita and Folk Traditions...."

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