Burmese Classic Movie 2013

The Burmese Classic 2013

MythologyClassic Daily Movie Playe-cut.avi. themoon49. Southern Letters (2013). This film consists of six short stories by six extraordinary filmmakers who tell the story of the identity crisis.

Scent Of Green Papaya 1993 Movie Trailer. Escape plan (2013) C115m.

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The MEDIATHE Thailand Traditional Performance Events, commemorating the 1970th birthday of Myanmar's political relationship, took place on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Mandalay. MEDIA 62-year-old Filipino Bayanihan dance first came to Myanmar on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Yangon. On Saturday evening the MEDIAFund Rising Concerts for Seniors took place in the National Theatre in Yangon.

COMPANY24 participants were chosen for Miss Universe Yangon 2018. They were chosen by invitation of enthusiastics from four Yangon region regions. High above the roads of Yangon you will find an haven of tranquility, a place of tranquility amidst the hectic pace of urbanity. The 4th co-ordination meet for the Bogyoke Aung San feature film and the second funding program for the film' s film' s production and screenings were at the Yangon National The.....

The MEDIAA press release crew with reports from regional and regional newspapers came to Sittwe, Rakhine State, on Monday night to discuss the Myanmar National Airline's activities..... MEDIATThe third co-ordination session on the establishment of a cinema studios, a cinema academy and the evolution of the cinema sector took place in Yangon on Monday.

When we met..... Upon the wish of the public, MEDIATwo Myanmar films called "Night" and "Deception" will again be shown in them. The two films gave the public different flavours and were..... MEDIA-Myanmar plans to set up a film studios and skills schools in Nay Pyi Taw to develop the country's film industries, Xinhua reports.

BUSINESS New stores will be added to the 76 Mile Mini service area, which welcomes up to 1,200 people a day, according to U Han Zaw, Minister of Construction of the Union, during the Phyithu Hluttaw gathering on 19 June..... The Yangon BUSINESSThe local authority will construct two motorcycle parks in Thalyin in fiscal 2019, U Maung Muang Soe, mayor of Yangon said to the local council on June 20.

The Oxford Business Group's (OBG) annual research and consulting company will publish its annual Oxford Business Group (BUSINESSA) review on Myanmar before the end of the year..... BUSINESS commissions for the contractual cultivation system are anchored in Myanmar County Law to guarantee the system's efficient operation in the rice industry, says Ye Min Aung, Secretary General of the.....

The USDP CEC session to determine whether the MP will be in the by-electionsGENERALThe Union Solidarity and Development Parties (USDP) key board session, on July 4, will determine whether the MP will compete in the by-elections, said the spokesman of USDP Dr. Nanda H.... Under the National Electrification Plan that has been drawn up with the World Bank grant, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy is planning to supply electricity to 20 towns in the district of Sagaing. Electricity will be supplied to 20 of them.

BOARD FENCE: Securité Forest opened fire near the Thai-Bangladesh Myanmar frontier because the perimeter barrier was demolished by a group of 12 on Thursdaynight. Approximately 180 feet from the perimeter barrier, approximately 200 meters..... The Myanmar Company Act, which is more informal than the preceding one, will enter into effect on August 1, the President's Office announced on June 21.

Mine companies that owe money to the governmentGENERALMine miners march to march against the National Prosperity Co (NPC) goldmining company that the federal administration shut down in November last year for giving the federal administration its stake in the mine..... United Kingdom refused to surrender Yangon suspectGENERALThe United Kingdom has been charged with failure to comply with its legal obligation after it refused to surrender a British man wanted in Myanmar on charges of killing a suspected boyfriend and co-worker in his home in Yangon, Britain?.....

Burma and China are agreeing to keep Bordergeneral China at a peaceful and secure level, and Myanmar has reached an agreement to keep its borders secure and peaceful, according to a Xinhua statement.

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