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The film will be shown at the end of September. Films starring Yin Latt. Falling on the full moon day of Myanmar month Thabodwe. Nonetheless, a good film remains, which is thoroughly researched and suitable for all its mistakes. It is one of the greatest classics of its genre.

Flight to Burma (1955)

Benedict Bogeaus and RKO Radio's Robert Ryan plays in this film as a refugee from the courts, hiding in the Far East tea grove run by Barbara Stanwyck. When the two fell in love, Stanwyck believed Ryan was innocent. Ryan and Stanwyck flee into the insidious Burmese jungle after the advent of stubbornly resolute guard David Farrar.

As many of Bogeaus' 1950' movies, Escape to Burma was staged by Allan Dwan.

Areas of Aung San and Burma - The Reuters Historic Collections of Britain and Burma

Burma is going to the elections on Sunday to vote for a new parliament, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) is likely to do well. Aung San, Suu Kyi's ancestor, was responsible for Burma's liberation from Britain.

In the Pathé Archives in Britain, his recorded explanation (begins at 01:21) explains his desires for his state. As Aung San never saw independency become a real thing when he was murdered by a real heir. The archives also include recordings of the Burmese general's silence film with Clement Attlee and several articles on freedom for which Aung San worked.

The Hero of Burma (1945) - Newspaper

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