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A modern classic from the dwindling days of British colonialism in Burma, it is "a portrait of the dark side of British Raj". Um Tribus on the Frontier of Burma herunterzuladen (réimpression classique). I believe it will become a classic of the new genre, mixing personal memories with public events. See all eBooks in Classic Fiction >. Random House Canada is proud to offer you classical literature in e-book form with the highest production values.

An eBook Love Story

Connelly is bringing her experience in Burma and Thailand to live and sheds the Burmese fight for freedom from a political system in this memoir/loveage. Small plays present the histories of Burma and provincial revolutionaries, as well as an account of the various groups of rebels, agents and artists/writers detained and subjected to torture by the government for their attempts to shed some light on the brutality in their home country.

It has an insider's look into the depths of the dissent, but soon realises that it is naïve about the sensitive functioning and story of this planet, as it did not know. They meet Maung, a political activist of one of the dissent groups who has dedicated his whole being to the cause.

For most of the novel, the tale shifts from the greater scale of Burmese fighting back and forth into the more private realm of Karen and Maung's burgeoning loves. That is what makes it real what the writer intended - to make Burma come alive, to uncover the impact of a country's army regimes on the common man, to confront a fierce, sweaty romance scandal with the harsh reality of the lives of refugee jungles, indigenous peoples, indigenous peoples, indigenous peoples, malaria, wars and deaths.

Their only drawback for me was that this unrelenting sincerity was brought into the very close relation between Karen and Maung. I' ve always valued the openness of Karen's thought processes about her relation to him, her relation to Asia and her writing career - it made her feel humble, mistakes and everything.

However, the lively, in-depth description of the Karen-Maung liaison felt a little lenient to me, as if these parts became more of a diary than a memorandum. Apart from that, it was a very rewarding reading that throws hope on a fight that is not featured in the newscasts.

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