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: Meal:: List :: Myanmar Food::: Pasta

His dinner. Located between China and India, with more than 135 different ethnical groups, Burma's cooking is among the most varied in the run. Yangon, the heartland of the nation, is the best place for people to open their minds and stomachs to Burma. There are five unforgettable and surprising meals to try, each traditionally from a different ethnical group and area.

Inya Lake, Pyay Road, Yangon. Besides the Bay of Bengal, the Rakhine State kitchen is characterized by the ocean and its temper. Though modest in look, this spicy lettuce is a pillar of every Rakhine house. Seaweed is then blended with chilli, lemon or tama bark juices, dry seafood, onion, and natapi, a typical Myanmar fermentated seafood or prawn past, the biting odor of which is evident throughout the area.

Serve with white bread and white bread, it is a cool meal with a spicy thrill. Taste it at Min Lann, a local Rakhine eatery that gets its shellfish directly from the beaches every day and is popular with local people and tourists. It goes particularly well with the farmer's own farm soup, a sweetened and acidic soup with crisp lobsters, shrimps and shrimps.

That'?s the Indian Ocean in Yangon. Shan Noodle, Bo Gyoke Rd, Yangon. Shan chickpeas MVP is his chickpeas classic and has a textured little in common with his cousins. Serve with hothete, an aerated, sticky mixture of pig meat and flours stewed in the steam of sunflower leaf.

Number 76, Bogyoke Road, Yangon. Situated at the northern tip of the state, the mountain Kachin state is not at the top of most tourists' list due to decade-long conflicts. In contrast to Burma's typical greasy dishes, the Kachin prefers its aromas spicily acid. An excellent intro to Kachin Food is this old-fashioned fillet of bananas filled with an intense blend of spices, chillies and chillies before being barbecued over a warm fire.

In Sha Yi all the cooks and waiters are Kachin and the owners bring the Banan leaf and herb directly from the state of Kachin. Ethnic Cuisine, No. 114 Nanda Won Street, Yangon. Mon State, located in the southern part of the state, is very similar to Burma cooking, although with an additional dash of chili.

A large portion of paddy, as well as a plate of roasted vegetable and aromatic lettuce, a dish of broth and a plate of chilled vegetable and aromatic dip. When it stands in front of you, don't miss the ever-present leafy lettuce that blends sour tealeaves with tomato, kale and crispy teas.

Anawrahta Road Night Market stands have a vertiginous selection of solid curried pans to choose from, but for a light meal, try Jana Mon, who adds an elegance to the Mon cuisine. These preparations usually include all forms of raw rices, haggery, millet, as well as coir and coir milks.

Sample some caramelised sticky ricein, known as sweet amine, or "golden rice". Sweet with crispy palms and topped with a pile of shredded chilli, these sticky ricecakes are reminiscent of the flavour of fudge-puddings.

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