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Home; Latest Shared Movie; Total 6808 movies. Burmese classic. The copying of foreign cultures and traditions through films and songs will be clearly disadvantaged and morally unacceptable.

The Han Golf Classic Golf Tourney (Yangon) closes. There are a few things you may not know about the Robert Zemeckis classic. We also have a good film about this story.

Made in Burma with love: The discovery of missing film material by Far Eastern English troops who sent a message to their relatives made an emotive reflection possible for their family.

So when the initial audience came to the theaters - or image stores, as they were then called - to see the Calling Blighty show, it was a time of war, and that was an advantage to entertain. It may seem stalked ('I trust you're all right, honey. I am,' was a tipical one), but each of the 391 shorts had a pretty smack.

Just think if you were a Betty or Joy or Agnes in the crowd and you saw your mistress in front of you saying that he misses you, but that he is well and that he will soon be home. These men were dairy men, plant labourers and clerical staff from the north-west of England who had been sent to Burma by the so-called Lost Army as their Far East campaigns were clouded by European terror.

So, a scheme was devised to find these homes, find out what happened to their struggling spouses, boys and dads - and to encourage survivors, kids and grandkids to see these shots in a theater. A Channel 4 documentation, Messages Home: A lot of people didn't know that the movies exist, others had never known the men in them at all.

Gunner Norman Ellor, his dad, made it home from the ship. Rob, 63, had known of the Calling Blighty movies. Rob, who is in Shropshire, had actually tried to find the movies himself, but without any luck. What was it like to listen to these words and see your dad as a young man?

Rob and his older brothers Steve also provided the documentation with mail and photographs that their dad had sent home from the front - again mainly to his dear Betty. Ann, now 73 years old and dual mom, would never have met him as he passed away on a 1944 patch in the Burmese jungles.

The 92-year-old Ken Chadwick, one of the few known movie veterans, was a very distinguished feat. There' s a lot of other humor in these movies. They laugh when a young man says: "Hello Joy, how is this for a war miracle", and again when another of his lovers says: "Keep the bunk warm", and when he comes home, they will "go up the stairs".

News Home: It''' s'appellee. I''armée britannique, morgen, 20 Uhr, Kanal 4.

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