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12-foot Burmese P YTHON conquered Florida PD

One Florida policeman was captured in front of the cameras trying to capture a giant Burmese 12.5-foot pithon. Pembroke Pines Policy Department mate Joseph Cabrera reacted to an alarm call on Thursday evening after the giant line was sighted along a route near the US-27. And Cabrera quickly fought the serpent until she came back.

The film material shows him trying to manipulate the line in front of his squad vehicle with his naked hand. and were able to bring them back to the main station. The Pembroke Pines Policy published recordings of the rescuing on Twitter. If you see a line, please don't come near it.

This is not the first that Cabrera has attacked a pycodac. In April last year, he was asked to fight a 13-foot snake caught by a group of indigenous teens.

Play the Virgin in Need

In 2011, when Don 2 was published, many South Asians who lived in Malaysia raided the locals' cinema plexes and hangars to see the film. In Kualalumpur, during an annual meeting, some Bangladeshi reporters agreed to see the film as well and to attend one of the nightly shows after supper.

Although it recounted the same old tale from centuries ago, the re-make was somewhat different with regard to the sketch characters. Rather than play a virgin in need, Priyanka Chopra, a cardiac drug in India and elsewhere, acted as an officers of a secret service crew who travelled the globe to find the perpetrator.

She not only smiled less and never flirted with her fur (as many women have to do ), she also practiced combat skills and other defense skills to perform her part. She was seen struggling with the rogues, struggling for the gun and blowing up a cars or two.

"One of the poorest movies I've ever seen," said one of the Chittagong reporters after the movie was made. "What kind of movie did we just see? Is it a good look if the main character is all masculine and fights with the thieves? It is a fact that the vast majority of viewers in South Asia like to see women acting the Virgin in need, whereupon she is wiped from her toes by the always self-confident heroes.

But Farhana Ahmed Nitol thinks differently and speaks about how frustrating the Mahiya Mahi from Dhaka Attack was for many. "At the beginning, her personality showed a brave lady reporter and turned into a complaining friend at the end," she cried out. The only reason for this inconsistence in the plot was that the public would never recognize a woman who makes choices, has more thoughts by working with her co-pop friend to present tales on her canal, says Farhana, or just doesn't scream in her squeaking, moaning friend vocal when the member of the bombing squad does his work.

However, one has to acknowledge that Dhaka Attack is definitely one of the greatest hit of the year, and it is. Contrary to the FDC policing films normally made, the SWAT shiny uniform, the bombing suits and the certain shades that a policeman shows in the actual life were wonderfully integrated into the soundtrack.

I guess the conspicuous nature of the leading role should be forgave. "I really appreciate Mahiya Mahi," said the movie producer, Dipankar Dipan, during a livecap. "It is also due to the fact that it is very much liked and liked by ordinary filmgoers in Bangladesh that we have so many rooms right from the start," he added.

Dhaka Attack was not only shown in more than 100 venues throughout Bangladesh, but the film also made huge gains. This is a period of transformation and we always sincerely believe that the changes are upbeat. Much of this is taking place in Bangladesh right now and Dhaka Attack is one of them.

Wherever you are, get a seat at the next theater and watch the movie!

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