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Lapet Thoke and Mohingya are such classics and so delicious! Burmese classic of daily film. A Burmese classic of daily film. The Planteur serves classic French food with ingredients flown in from France. The Burmese Cookbook is a collection of useful sentences in Burmese, a Burmese language spoken mainly in Burma (Myanmar):

Mont-Hin-Kar (Myanmar Noodle) is a very popular Myanmar morning meal.

Mont-Hin-Kar (Myanmar Noodle) is a very popular Myanmar morning meal. Nowadays there are many styles to Mont Hin Kar cookery and Mon cookery is one of the most known. What makes this pasta different from Myanmar is that it does not use chili colouring.

"Ba la Chaung Kyaw", roasted styred seafood, used in Myanmar way sun-dried seafood or prawns. If you don't want to deal with fishbones, this is the right meal for you. Soup lotus gown in black peppers is a beautiful mixture of this sweet sour cream mousse. I' d like to present greasy bass and bass curve as week?s spezial.

Bass is more delicate and tasty among fresh waterfishes. Seafood together with tomatoes, chilli and celeriac give off full flavours and flavor. Have a look at the exquisite local cuisine.

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Myanmar Army (Burmese: ????????(?????), pronounced[t?í t?í]) is the strongest arm of Myanmar's armed forces (Burma) and has the main responsibilities for the conduct of landside missions. Myanmar State Councillor Aung Sun Suu Kyi has been criticized by the multinational fellowship for not denouncing the Burma army's force or reaction to the war.

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