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A Burmese classic every day

It' a daily task for a whole Burmese family to go to the fields to work. Bozeman May Classic is the first swimmer to start the season. ((from the DAY OF WORKERS). Thwar Nezin Hmat Tan", a classic and a new form of Burmese literature. Day-to-day dental care is best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing.

Roasted cucumber with crushed beans is particularly suitable for vegetarians.

Roasted cucumber with crushed beans is particularly suitable for vegetarians. If you are not a veggie, try this one. It is a side dish for lunch and dinner in Myanmar. I would like to present you this weekend with our speciality: black smoked and sourmon. These curries are known among the Mon curries.

Non-oiled ricotta can give you a better flavour and also good for your wellbeing. BIND Mont is a very old-fashioned buffet breakfasts, you in the village to this day. I would like to present long roasted beans and prawns as a side dish. Now. If you don't like greasy curries, try them with it.

Have a look at the exquisite Burmese cuisine.

Dos and Don'ts in the daily life of the Burmese nation

Designing sex in Myanmar company is quite difficult, females are not permitted to attend some holy sanctuaries, or stand in the area for the man, cladding golden on the animistic sacred thing, the men's hands are also not permitted to overlay because such men would loose power and spiritual health.

In Myanmar, minds think of the highest point as the holy place and show respectfulness so that other minds are not permitted to contact their minds, even lovable children, don't even think of touching their skulls. The Burmese population believes that the East expresses happiness and goodness. You said that the Orient is the place to find the Buddha's pureness.

This is why Myanmar Buddha shrines are usually located near the eastern side of the mall. That is why the mind certainly turns to the west, not to the eastwards while asleep, because that is slanderous for the Buddha and will meet with mishap. The Myanmar population believes that the Orient is a place of deaths.

Inmates in the past were decapitated in the west harbour town on orders from Myanmar King, so you shouldn't go to bed with your heads facing eastward. The Myanmar population believes that the eastern and southern parts are important and the northern and eastern parts are not, so the owner's location in the eastern or southern parts of Myanmar is important when the population is sitting in the same group.

Meditative Buddhist friars in the Shwedagon pit, Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar's old traditions, established over a three-month three-year timeframe, from 15 April to 15 July each year, are the season for monk meditations, so the Myanmar tribe is not entitled to organise a marriage. Also, the dates of September, October and December are not a good season to get wed.

If they marry in September, they thought there will be no such thing as true romance, they will go bankrupt in October, and in December they will separate men and wives. There are many causes why about 30% of Myanmar's large towns do not marry. So, when you communicate with Myanmar woman, you should not ask them about their families, husbands and orphans.

Myanmar's customs and traditions do not allow humans to embrace and kisses in a state. In Myanmar, too, it' s forbidden to kill, especially Buddhists. In Myanmar, consumers go to the local markets to buy meats, using live fowl, prawns, fish and beef instead of pigeon. In Myanmar, many don't like buffalo flesh because they believe that buffaloes are the closest friends of the tribe that helps humans to feed in the field.

Dogs are not allowed to eat in Myanmar either.

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