Burmese Classic Cooking

Traditional Burmese Cooking

Chinese Burmese sweet beef The Burmese will call it roast beef. Traditional recipes from the land of the morning calm. Alyssa helps with Burmese shrimp curry and coconut rice. Discover with us the classic culinary highlights of Yangon. Accompany chef Sara in this unique class through traditional Burmese cuisine.

Myanmar Cuisine with Grandma Alvina - Videos

Grandda Alyssa is helping with Burmese shrimp brandy and coccoons. This installment of Cooking with Grandma features Luba Stoyanoff, also known as Baba. Baba and her oldest granddaughter, Katherine, discuss why she was not permitted to prepare phylloteig in her native Greece, talk about the difficulty of making phylloteig by handwork and prepare Panitsa, the traditional Bulgarian variant of the Grecian sponate cake Spanishakopita.

Clic here for Baba Luba's Banitsa (spinach cake) recipes. Granny Ruby Tom and her grandchildren Katherine, Marat and Sean ring together on Chinese New Year's Day. This is Ruby preparing Jai (here is her recipe), a wholesome buddhistic vegeterian casserole (!), which contains 16 raw-materials. Every condiment is boiled seperately in a stir-fry and then put into the pan, making it a Chinese New Year's work of ardor.

Grandchild Desmond is helping to produce Kwanzaa sweetcorn. It is a unique Cooking with Grandma story with four different families - Kay, Kathy, Astrid and Kaatje - picking brambles and making marmalade. In order to make your own marmalade, use this Chowberry Marmalade recipes by replacing brambles with bilberries. Grandchild Isabella assists Nonna Paola Bagnatori in the production of potatoe gnocchi with tomato-porcini sauces.

Grandchild Olivia assists Gloria "Gigi" Smith in the production of Plantation Casserole. But Irma has been making this breast since her anti-Vietnam period, when she had to get the whole household together but couldn't afford to stay in the galley for any time.

Holiday cooking course in Pindaya Burma (Myanmar)

It' not just about the caves (or mythic giants' spiders) in Pindaya; you' ll find some Shan State delicacies in a home-cooking course. Pindaya, a charming seaside city in the gentle Shan state, is best known for its magnificent buddhistic caves, which lie on a precipitous slope with a view of the city.

If you are travelling to the surrounding area, a cooking course in a small home-made eatery in a quiet hamlet is only a brief ride from the city. The cuisine of this area is different from the greasy curry in other parts of Burma and focuses on a lot of greenery.

Try the wonderful native freshwater cod, stewed in charcoal packets - your hospitable guides will guide you through the area little by little and complement your own effort at lunches with other tasty Shan food you may not have tasted elsewhere.

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