Burmese Classic China Movie

Myanmar classic China Film

Last year CRI presented the first Chinese television drama with Burmese dubbing in Myanmar. This is the original, classic representation of the'River Kwai' railway. Discover China Girl, Classic Movies and more! Vinegar Joe' Stilwell was Commander of the US Armed Forces at the China-Burma-India Theatre and is featured in Erville Anderson's film. Numerous films were shot in Indochina, from the Cambodian jungle to the streets of Saigon.

Burma changed to China Television

China soaps are conquering Myanmar's fast-growing TV industry and are ready to question the dominance of Korea's programming. One of China's most viewed TV drama in 2010, Marriage Battle, in which the role of man and woman is put to the test by pressure of modernity, is currently one of the most viewed programmes on Myanmar's domestic MNTV.

Myanmar's two renowned TV celebrities - Thiri Shinn Thant and Si Thu Maung - synchronize the main characters' parts. In Myanmar, when showing overseas TV shows, they have either a subtitle or a narrative part. Last year CRI presented the first Burmese synchronized television play from China in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, An says, the piece sparked fierce discussion and the audience wrote to show their particular interest in the synchronisation, which they say liberated their minds and helps them concentrate on the film. In spite of the long-standing relations between the two nations, Myanmar had hardly any representation of Asian soaps.

As part of the recent deal between CRI and the Myanmar administration, the broadcaster will be translating and launching two or three China television plays each year. "In the past, it was very difficult for China's television drama to get to Myanmar.

story line

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