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Myanmar the classic Burmese bookcase. Burmese Myanmar Classic Bookcase . It was another classic case of "unsuccessful breeding". The lively aromas of Burmese cuisine have never been so attainable for . The Burmese Days of George Orwell.

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*Burmese Lessons is a romance from The Publisher. In contrast to traditional romances, it transports the readers into a fascinating and heart-rending underworld. Karen Connelly finds herself in Burma in the end of the 90s, immersing herself in a student body, the massive rallies against Burmese rulers, revolutionary forces opposing an uprising against the same army regimes, and fugitives who live in a hell of a Limousin in Thailand.

First of all she loves a hurt, remarkable land, then a talented man who dedicated his whole being to the fight for politics. The Burmese Lessons is lit by the sensuous speech and humor that have inspired audiences around the game. Hardcover version. Karen Connelly:"[Karen Connelly] shows us what usually disguises autobiography: the mind, not in its most stubborn and courageous form, but how it really is and can only be."

Hardcover version. The Biographical NoteKaren Connelly is the writer of nine non-fiction, literature and poems, most recently The Lizard Cage, which compares the New York Times Book Review to the works of Solzhenitsyn, Mandela and Orwell. Grown up in Calgary, Connelly has been living for a long period in different parts of Asia and Europe and now has two houses, one in Toronto and one in Greece.

Hardcover version.

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