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It is an inspiring book with travel photos. The Myanmar Book links have updated their cover. ""I know who writes good books," he said objectively. Here you will find the latest reviews, openings, stories, events, photos and videos. ("Canadian, not me") organized a website where everyone could post photos.

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Post messages, feedbacks, websites and store. Colored pictures and photos, as well as old monochrome pictures. Websites (1 page)Reviews of Myanmar websites - and direct to them. Società World (.13 pages)Click here for the latest from the Britain-Myanmar Society - who we are, what we do, our committees, calendars and events.

Contains specific materials and equipment for members of society around the globe. Extensive review of books and significant reductions on new books on Myanmar; accessing the contents of 48 of the Society's presentations; areas of historical and research information and opportunities for members to email each other. RegistrationNew members can join from all over the globe.

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Register to evaluate this work. These are the stories in photos from a five-week trip to Burma. Hopefully the photos will help explaining why the event was something really unique. Processing time varies according to the size of the books. All large books on landscapes, large portraits and all photo books are produced and delivered to the UK within 10-12 working hours.

All other books take 7-10 business day to process. For orders from other countries in Europe the lead times are four to five working nights and for deliveries outside Europe five to eight working nights.

Myanmar publisher turns the page to an epoch of oppression

San Mon Aung graduated from college at the age of 17 and blindfolded into the book business community, a still suffocated by grades and difficult business conditions. The RANGOON - The RANGOON schools were a disaster for San Mon Aung, a wealthy child who grew up after the 1988 Burmese War. San Mon Aung retired from Thanlyin Government College at the age of 17 and blindfolded into the book business community, a community that is still oppressed by the country's tough regulations on grading and difficult business conditions.

"He said objectively, "I know who writes good books. Of course, San Mon Aung was also fortunate. Coming from a wealthy background, they helped him during the early days of what later turned out to be a succesful publisher under the name Ngar Doe Sar Pay.

With more than a dozen years of publishing history, he has written some 150 books, many of which have become bestsellers and prospective classic Burmese music. While censored, San Mon Aung was attracted to imaginative writings, mostly written by authors such as Min Luu and Tharyar Min Wai. San Mon Aung, himself a novelist, has released five of his own fictitious works under the pseudonym Myay Hmone Lwin.

The reason for this is clear; in those days free speech was a concept that did not hold true in Burma. Soon after the publication of the volume in 2012, Ngar Dos Sar Pay was closed down provisionally because the censors, which was to be abolished later this year, considered it outrageous.

This story contained sequences of the riotous female figure that the censors and some scholars found tasteless. Following the dissolution of the Committee of the Media in August 2012, San Mon Aung was given a little more liberty. He has published two groundbreaking books on Burma's politics: Mr. San Mon Aung said he began to release these books at a point "when no one dared" by examining the boundaries of the reconfirmed liberties when the Burmese reforms had only just started.

However, while the level of censure has declined, authors and editors are now facing new difficulties such as robbery legislation and preference grants that are beneficial to the state and its members. However, these early releases may have finally broke the deadlock for other publishing houses, and the country's literature community is flooded with them. He said so much that his business is focused on the general trend in the field of creativity typing.

Burma's publishers' futures may be troubled by the country's digitization, an over-saturated economy and the cost of printing, but San Mon Aung sees room for certain kinds of books. Said he now has two priorities: the translation of overseas literary works into Burmese and the revival of both domestic and overseas reports on Burma's past.

He also tries to involve a younger readership by releasing a range of print novel works by Kanadian painter Guy Delisle, among them "Pyongyang: Journey to North Korea" (2003), "Burma Chronicles" (2007) and Jerusalem (2011). However, his favourite book projects bring back books about Burma so the reader can read the books about their home countries that were once difficult to find.

The Ngar Dome-sar Pay has started to publish a series of three books from English to Burmese: "From the Land of Green Spirits" by Pascal Khoo Htwe (2002), "Golden Parasol" by Wendy Law-Yone (2014) and "The King in Exile" by Sudha Sha (2012). Featuring important historical incidents such as the collapse of the Burmese Empire, a 1962 army putsch and the 1988 people' s revolt, the triology was designed to revive interest in the wealth, complexity and researched story of the state.

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