Burmese Classic

A Burmese classic

This classic collection consists of three pieces of jewellery: the Chinese dog, the Rockefeller cat and the pair of Rockefeller horses. Myanmar has a rich, varied and unique cuisine, but perhaps Burmese cuisine has been little known in recent years due to the low number of foreign visitors outside the country. BUMANIAN LITERATURE: FOLK TALES, CLASSICAL WORKS, MODERN WRITERS AND CENSORSHIP. Combining classic regional flavours with modern inspirations.

Burma Classic Spice - 12 days - Start Mandalay

This could be classic Burma, which many consider the high points of old Burma. Start in Kipling's Mandalay, where you take a leisurely bicycle tour on the edge of town. At Bagan you will discover the countless temples remains and watch the beautiful sunset. At Inle Lake, home of the best way to discover the swimming island by sea, try the delicious Burmese food.

Just to explore the market in Yangon, a city with years of loneliness, and drink an early morninga. Accompanied cycle ride in the mornings to get to know Mandalay in a different way. Explore the mythical temple of Bagan by cycle and the tranquil Inle with its swimming garden.

Cambodia: Take a cookery course and mix up Burmese cuisines. Accommodation type: 10 nights in standard room with air conditioning, private bathroom and toilet and includes bed and breakfasts (check-in usually at 12:00). From Nyaungshwe to Yangon by midnight coach for 1 day. The price includes:Meals: Ten breakfasts, one lunches.

Accommodation in a 1/Nightbus and 10 overnights in different HOTEL. Nyaungshwe - Mandalay - Bagan - Yangon. Mandalay's name has a hint of old-colonialism, tipling, a piece in a music. However, today Mandalay is a contemporary city, and the impact of China is very high. Mandalay with its beautiful palagodas and convents is a place of sanctuary for dedicated people.

Accommodation in Mandalay. transportation and guidance: You will be picked up at Mandalay airport/bus station/train terminal and taken to your accommodation by road (don't forget to let us know your flight date and times of your flight in advance). From Mandalay International Aerodrome, please bear in mind that it can take up to one hours.

2nd day: Mandalay and a wonderful cycling tour "Magnificent Mandalay Mornings". Away from the turbulence of the bustling town, you' ll find the peace and quiet and charms of the Mandalay area. You' ll be visiting vibrant market towns, metallurgical industries, peasant towns and returning to Mandalay after making a real link to the suburbs of Myanmar, out-of-town.

The remainder of the afternoon is free to discover the city of Mandalay. The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Mandalay. transportation and guidance: Motorcycle transfers (your rider can converse in English only) from your accommodation to and from the start of the trip. Mandalay with your mountain biking guides in the mornings.

Be back at your motel by lunch. MANDALAY TO BAGAN. An overland river and free days to discover Bagan adventures from Mandalay to the mythic and magic Bagan. After arriving in Bagan you have the remainder of the daily free to discover at your own speed. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in Asia, possibly the whole wide globe, to discover antique sacred cemeteries.

The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Bagan. transportation and guidance: Please be sure to collect your Mandalay to Bagan coach pass at the front desk before you leave. Carriage not included: Self-Transfers from yourtel to Mandalay coach terminal. Self transfers from Bagan central coach terminal to your Egyptian hotels.

Bagan and exploring the area of the sanctuary by bicycle through thousand of shrines and ruined pagodas without end. A fine testimony to the Burmese Buddhists' and Buddhist monarchs' faithful dedication over the ages across the Bagan plain, it is still a favourite research site today.

The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Bagan. transportation and guidance: The tour leader takes the bicycles to your accommodation at 8:00 a.m. The entrance charge for the Bagan Archaeological Zone is not including. Stage 5: Bagan with free times to dive into the temple and tales of the past Bagan is impressing and the archaeological zone encompasses a huge area.

And not to forget the town itself, which is definitely a worthwhile walk in the town. The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Bagan. Carriage not included: All transport used on your free days out in Bagan. Bagan to Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake). Leaving Bagan behind, you' ll head for Nyaungshwe, the gate to Inle Lake.

The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in a Nyaungshwe based motel. Transfer and guide: Your coach tickets one full working days in advanced and are awaited at 5:30 pm in Nyaungshwe. Don't forget to look at the location of your cookery course in the morning where Mrs. Sue has posted information at your lodge desk.

Carriage not included: Self-Transfers from your Bagan hotels to the Bagan central Avenue. Self Transfers from Nyaungshwe Coach Terminal to your Nyaungshwe Hotels. Stage 7: Cookery Course - Taste Burmese food and take a full days to get to know the enchanting town and its people. Then your cookery course takes place in a outdoor galley where your instructor will help you mix up your own freshly boiled curries, roasted veggies, shan pasta or roasted ricecake and egcurry with Tamarinden pastes.

You will have the remainder of the morning off after the cookery course. Nyaungshwe is not only the gate to the Inle Sea, but also a delightful place in its own modest right - once the residence of one of the last Shan princes. Walk the roads of Nyaungshwe to discover the back alleyways, live along the central channel and concealed chests in quadratic grounds.

Incl. breakfasts and lunches. Accommodation in a Nyaungshwe based motel. transportation and guidance: You can arrange transportation to the cookery course. You will receive the rendezvous point at your hotelier's desk, where Mrs. Sue will be in touch with you. Nyaungshwe and Inle Lakes free days to explore the lakes or the cityscape Get up early and get to the Mingala Market as merchants from the lakes provide refreshing seafood and products from the swimming garden.

Enjoy your free leisure activities in a 360 degree panoramic lake cruiser on Lake Inle. The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in a Nyaungshwe based motel. Carriage not included: Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake free before driving to Yangon Guess you don't have to get up too early.

And if you still haven't had enough of Lake Inle, a cycle tour along the shore, with stopovers under shady blooming rain forest flowers, for a cup of coffee, a quick bite to eat or just for a chatter. Be sure to breathe the last part of the landscape, the open sea, before you venture back towards the busy Yangon.

The price includes full board and lodging. Accommodation climate coach. Transfer and guided tour: Departure at 18:00. Anticipated arrivals in Yangon at 05:00 a. m. t. Carriage not included: Early dawn coach journey requires a long wait. Burmese breakfasts and a drawer of coffee in a tea house to watch the outside worid.

Some groceries in the spacious Bogyoke Aung San Market (closed on Mondays), an afternoon tea at the beach resort, while the grocers are closing up for the rest of the night and the children are playing before the last sunbeams disappearing.

Accommodation in the main Yangon hotels. Carriage not included: Self transfers from Yangon main train terminal to your Yangon hotels. Yangon and an inside trip to the early market, the early dawn charity gathering friars crowned with a cup of mohinga, what happens in the street of Yangon when most other folk are still asleep or showering?

At 06:30 your tour leader will meet you in the foyer of your lodge and take you through the mornings to the Yangon Central Fishing Fair. Situated on the Yangon River, the unloading point lives 24/7 and will be busy on your arrival. Drive to a 24 hour open vegetables fair and try the Burmese Mohinga ( "mild seafood broth with pasta and crackers") breakfasts.

Until then, the Buddhist friars will go through the Yangon roads to gather their charity, and you will be waiting for them to come and give them some lunch. Go through the Fruits and Vegetables Fair before returning to your hotels around 9:30am to enjoy your complete West Coast breakfasts.

Including breakfast. Accommodation in the main Yangon hotels. transportation and guidance: Carriage not included: During your free time outings. Morning, Yangon. Burma Explorer Beyond - Bring Burma through the back door to the classic Burma and the seclusion of the Shan state. The price includes breakfast.

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