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Myanmar's capital cities listed

The date of attachment (6th growing of Pyatho 211 ME) per Zatadawbon Yazawin (Zata 1960: 41) as an inception. Arimaddana was established in 190 A.D. (Sunday, 15. Growing of Tagu 112 Pyu Era), while the building was relocated to Thiri Pyissaya in 390 (Thursday, 1. Growing of Pyatho 312 Pyu Era).

Hmanan Yazawin (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 185-188) states 107 EC as the founding date of Pagan. Pagan was established after science in the middle to the end of the ninth centuries and at the soonest in the tenth world war. This means that Zata's alleged data from the Pyu era may have been Burmese data.

When this is correct, Pagan was established on March 16, 751 (15th Growing by Late Tagu 112 ME) and the Palacio was relocated to Thiri Pyissaya on December 12, 950 (1st Growing by Pyatho 312 ME). Kyawswa was deposed on December 17, 1297 (13th growing of Pyatho 659), according to inscriptions.

Yazathingyan, King of Mekkhaya, said (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 369) that King Yazathingyan passed away after five years of reign. TABAUNG 674 ME (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 370) gives Wednesday, February 15, 2003, which is translated to Saturday, February 10, 1313. However, the fifteenth growth is most likely a copy fault, as it is very unusual for the fifteenth century to be the first.

This date was probably the twelfth growing of Tabaung, which translated properly to Wednesday, February 7, 1313. The Burmese numbers 2 (?) and 5 (?) are similar and can be copied incorrectly. Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 375): The Saw Yun began his rule in the town of Sagaing on 12 May 1315 with the growth of Nayon 677 ME.

On January 22, 1555 (Tuesday, 2. Growing Tabaung 916 ME) per (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 221). Thado Minbya's foundation cynasty ( ????????) came to power under the leadership of Mohnyin Thado per on May 20, 1426 (14th Growth of Nayon 788 ME) (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 62).

And the Mohnyin Dyasty (??????????????) in turn came to the powers of the Confederation of Shan States on March 14, 1527 (12th Growth of Late Tagu 888 ME) pro (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 113). Monthly, King Wareru announced Tagu's 648 ME independency on Thursday, March 6, 1286 (Pan Hla 2004: 25-26).

This is more the sixth shrinkage of Tagu 649 ME (April 4, 1287), as Mon Record himself say that Wareru, who was borne on March 20, 1253, came to office at the tender age of 34 (35th year). The Burmese notes also identify the full month of Tabodwe 649 (January 18, 1288), which Pan Hla suspects as the date of the crown.

Phayre 1967: 66 says that King Saw Zein transferred his capital to Pegu shortly after he came to power of 685 ME (August 31, 1323 to September 28, 1323) in Thadingyut. Pan Hla 2004: 39-41) only says that Saw Zein first had to buy Pegu back, but did not mentions moving. Had he only begun the journey after the end of the wet seasons, around November 1363, he would not have been able to find out about the insurrection until March 1364.

A chronicle states only 900 ME (March 30, 1538 to March 29, 1539) as the date on which Pegu was killed by toungoo-force. Ava and early Toungoo period (Harvey 1925) generally added 639 when translated from the Burmese calender to the West calender, which is very inexact. The Burmese calender covers the west year.

More than 75% of Burma's year in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries came in the west at 638. The date on which Pegu was killed is almost always mentioned as 1539 in west historical textbooks, although the real text of the chronicles clearly indicates that Pegu died early in the drought of 1538-1539 (probably around November/December 1538) and many fights took place after Pegu's time.

Yazawin Maha Vol. 2 2006: 197): Sawhtut took over Pegu a little more than a month and a half after Tabinshwehti's murder on April 30, 1550. After the Shwezigon Pagoda Bell Inscription (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 339) Bayinnaung Pegu took 913 ME on March 12, 1552 (Saturday, third loss of Late Tagu).

Burmese encyclopaedia (Myanma Swezon Kyan Vol. 9 1964: 425) states the date as Sunday, November 1, 1430 by Natdaw 792 ME (November 16, 1430). However ( (Harvey 1925: 139) gives 1433, and (Sandamala Linkara Vol. 2 1999: 13) gives Sunday, 1. growing of Tawthalin 792 ME (August 20, 1430).

Hmannan Vol. (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 196): Tabinswehti relocated his capital to Pegu in 901 ME (March 30, 1539 to March 29, 1540). Yazawin Maha (2006: 201): Toungoo was taken by Bayinnaung on January 11, 1551 (Sunday, Oct. 5, growing of Tabodwe 912 ME). Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 339): He took Pegu and relocated his capital on March 12, 1552 (Saturday, Late Tagu's third loss 913 ME).

Hmannan Vol. 3 2003: 172-173): Burmese records do not indicate that King Anaukpetlun has formally relocated the capital to Pegu. However, Anaukpetlun came to Pegu in early May 1613 as part of his military operation and was host of the first event in his provisional residence on 14 May 1613 (10th shrinkage of Kason 975).

Mawlamyaing / Moulmein was the capital of the Tenesserim Division, while Sittwe/Akyab was the capital of the Arakan Division of British India. The Arakan, Tenasserim and Pegu were unified as British Burma in British India on 31 January 1862. After the Second Anglo-Burmese War, Yangon/Rangoon became the capital of the Pegu Division. Yangon became capital of Burma province of British India on January 31, 1862.

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