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In which metropolises and provinces do Burmese Americans reside? - Fifty Viss

The Burmese people, down to the district floor, have many unexpected and arcane titles that are home to large Burmese people. To read more about my Burmese Americans show, click on the "Burmese Americans" day. Most Americans reside in one of the approximately 300 metropolises.

At the time of the 2010 census, the 366 conurbations had a population of 55,274 (Carson City, NV) to 18,897,109 (New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA). The Burmese Americans were present in about a fourth of the large US cities. Nearly 91% of Burmese Americans do indeed reside in a greater area.

The Burmese Americans reside in every state, but according to 2010 census figures, they are only present in 28% of the 3,143 districts and communities in the United States. In my view, this is still an astonishing number, because it indicates the geographical spread of the Burmese Americans. The top 10 metropolises make up 46% of Burma's total populace in terms of number.

Most of the rest lives in 82 other conurbations. The 2010 census found 24 cities with Burmese-American population. Not surprisingly, California is home to the two biggest municipal and borough concentration of Burmese Americans: Frisco Oakland Fremont, CA Metro Area (8.1% of Burmese Americans) and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA Metro Area (6.7% of Burmese Americans).

New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Metro Area accounts for just under a third, with about 5.6% of Burmese Americans living there. Absolutely, the biggest Burmese-American municipalities are located in a few US states. 30.8% of Burmese Americans are in the top 10 states. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles County is home to the United States' biggest Burmese-American fellowship, which accounts for 5.2% of the population.

2. is Allen County, Indiana, home of Fort Wayne, an important relocation centre for Burmese migrants. The following is a listing of more than 1,000 Burmese Americans (23 of which exist): Burmese Americans generally represent large parts of smaller countryside in the Midwest in respect of densities.

The over-representation of Burmese Americans among Asiatic Americans takes place almost entirely in the Midwest districts, which have tiny Asian-American population numbers in the single-digit range of up to several thousand. In the 2010 Census Summary File 2, PCT1 population Group-Burmese, I received these figures alone or in any combinations (404) & (100-299) or (300, A01-Z99) or (400-999):

entire people, grouped by metropolitan region and district.

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