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MMB Bookshelf is a collection of Myanmar books for all Myanmar people all over the world. Resurrection of a Mon girl and the poor girl who was in the heavenly being's abode - Download. Easy-to-find books, good navigation and a download function make it even better. Find out why you can search books by category, date, domain and author. Burmese songs, Myanmar songs, Burmese songs, Burmese songs, Myanmar movies,.


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The new Cochrane Library contains useful, meaningful information on the efficacy of various healthcare treatment and intervention programs. Approximately 260 copies were available from May 2005. Etaprints uniimelb The Embryonic University of Melbourne print ecollection. Contains e-books, e-chapters, on-line magazines, various essays, working documents, contributions to conferences and meetings, flyers, various research results and pre-publications (draft material).

The OZLIT Electronic TextsNot a reference as such, but an Aussie gateway to a range of free e-book materials. From 1984 to the present day, more than 1,000 copies have already been stored in this fast-growing new series. The Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service at the University of Sydney is considered Australia's premier online university curator.

Also contains the University of Sydney's Dissertation Library (currently around two hundred dissertations available). Morning New Zealand Books . Encompassable pictures are available in the sections on-line. Downloading and printing of text and pictures is only permitted for private and non-commercial use. You will find many classical literature here.

In the meantime, the entire Gutenberg compilation comprises more than 5,000 volumes. This entire retrospective constitutes a tremendous endeavor in unremunerated, selfless work since 1971. Gutenberg's mission is to provide information, literature and other material to the general population in the form of a large proportion of computer, software and individuals who can readily access, use, quote and use it.

Browse and view text from the library, browse its contents, and even generate PDF files for off-line viewing or print on-the-fly. The encyclopedia of world history and the Harvard classics are among the many free copy available on this award-winning website. There are many classical works of reference available here.

The Bibliomania provides more than 2,000 free classical and research work. Prints are here definded as the numerical text of peer-review research contributions before and after the referees. Read on-line, in HTML. It contains a full-text library, a working paper archive with contributions and a link to pertinent reference documents.

Available as Adobe PDFs. A digital library for training in the Earth system: The Digital Library of Information Science and Technology: eLIST A library and information science (LIS) and information technology (IT) resource-base. Only in English so far. There may be an overstatement in The E Server Bit of a min FTP, but there is certainly nothing cumbersome about this large and up-to-date library of on-line scholarly text and resource.

This is the website of Digital Text Collections in West Europe Literature Link for literature in other West Europe tongues than English. Language: Catalan, Czech, Catalan, Danish, Catalan, Swedish, Dutch, Finish, Polish, French, Polish, Swedish, Galician, Polish, Swedish, German, Greeks, Irishmen, Italian etc. A useful link page with over eighty posts. The Great Books and Classic offers free HTML on-line editions of many well-known writers from before 200 BC to the twentieth century.

More than 20,000 free eBooks available on-line. More than 20,000 tracks in the IPL' Booklet can be searched for authors, tracks or "Dewey Decimal Classification". If you have any queries about the on-line text compilation or the searching, please read their help page. Kurt Stï¿?½ber - historical and contemporary literature on organic farming. Large book store with organic literature, many currently out of stock and rare.

Mainly in attendance are mainly ethnic Germans, but also eminent figures such as Charles Darwin. With a little bit of French and French (a few works are old enough to be in Latin). On-line in text sections or as single pages that have been individually read. Search the library by name, artist, name, genre or date of release. The material is available in Anglophone, but also in Portuguese and Spanisch.

They are the creme of US research and politics in these areas. The texts are presented in a fully browsable "open book" file that also allows you to browse through pages and browse inside them. On-line Medieval and Classical Library From The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to Yvain, or The Knight With the Lion, & einschließlich solcher Werke werke wie :

Available in HTML for read-on-line or as download in PKZIP v.2. 04g. Publicly accessible text is available in the on-line catalog and can be download in various file types. Certain text requires the author's prior consent in writing. "The" E-Books of the Labyrinth" power supply are presented as Adobe's Portable Document Formatt.

Founded in 1997, the website features many classic English language books and Penn's work. Persu's project A large classic electronic collection of Greek and Roman text, commentary, an album, pictures of coins, and more. Libellus Project The University of Washington, Seattle, provides this collection of text in Roman that is legible in your web navigator.

Madurai Tamil Digital Gallery project in progress. Ancient Tamil classics dominate so far. Runeberg project The Runeberg project is publishing free online versions of old Scandinavian music. Free community libraries with textbooks on integrated farming, integrated healthcare, self-sufficient life and individual growth.

This text is available for web browser, but in additon there are 2,000 + e-books (in English) for MS Reader & Palm Reader. The Virtual Library "The Virtual Book is the oldest catalogue of the web created by Tim Berners-Lee, the author of html and the web itself. The World eBook Collection allows you to view or download HTML files from the World.

The World Electronic Text Library Foundation, headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Australian Institute of Marine Science Libraries This compilation can be viewed in HTML and/or PDF. Offers a range of free PDF e-books in areas such as jobs, tutoring, online studying how to self e-publishing. Sydney's New Dictionary Take a look at the first phase of this challenging dictionary design process (reader input welcome).

Organized by Gary Dunne & associates, it offers some updates in . An free Aussie textbook about financing and house purchase and what to look for in Aussie Property buys, by Padraic McCrudden. It is an exe-file which can be downloaded from the internet. If you want to view the files, please store them on your computer and run them while you are on-line.

This is a collection of classical and lesser-known works, thanks to Peter Shanks, who personalized many of them. This is a page with free online access to some current works by live writers. The Baen Free Library Commercial Bookstore provides free e-books in HTML Ms Reader, Palm, Rocket & RTF-format.

Booksrags have 1,500 classical tracks available, for Palm or other hand-held equipment. The Ebooks4free links to" free e-books and scripts, historic papers & literatures, religious & magic, sound samples and much more...." Multi-lingual website - Languages: Anglophone, Alphabetic, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Sanskrit, German, Hebrew, Roman. and (!) surprising! ) Hispanic.

Conversely, RTF, HTML, can be downloaded as a Zip file or as a PDF. The Elegant Solutions Software Company have a great free e-book site, with textbooks to download to your PC: Don't miss to visit Kate's page or the children's page there, for beautiful classical stories for young and old. The FlipBooks are ready to be viewed in FlipViewer (see software page).

Free-Library Franklin Free Library thousands of free tracks in text and HTML format. A number of tracks are also available as Franklin Reader-sized eBooks. Nearly fifty new fiction stories about many different categories, among them SF/Fantasy, enigma, romanticism, humor and much more. You can download them either as HTML or as a download.

Indefinet.com This page contains a selected selection of specialized web pages related to on-line e-books. Others are free, others sell them. Literatur @ SunSITE Collection of digitized literatures by renowned, mostly US-American authors. It can be viewed on-line, in print or for download. The Litrix Reading Room offers works of English language writing, among them Classical, mysterious, horror, science-fiction, western, Sherlock Holmes, Americana.

These are some different e-texts they are offering. muchbooks. net Free PDA e-books. Several thousand publicly accessible e-books from the Gutenberg project and elsewhere. They can be either viewed here in clear text or downloaded for Adobe Acrobat reader, Palm eReader, Palm Doc, iSilo, Rocketbook and other r-reader software.

The Oz Books, a series of classic books, & various fans' fictions, includes Mary Jo's e-texts for the Palm Your selection. Everything is backzipped and can be downloaded easily. The Memoware has many free downloads in a wide range of different folders and a wide range of different file types for Palms & other PDA'.

Microsoft MS (.lit) e-book reader: 80+ pages of free text or text that has been prepared for PalmPilot E-Text Ring. Excellent novels for the College Bound; Best novels in English; Available for download by authors; Great Young People' s novels; Policy documents. Based on the Rocket eBook, Phoenix Library now offers multilingual and multi-format tracks (Adobe, Microsoft, MobiPocket & Franklin in Rocket/REB readers).

PDF Free eBooks section Latest information for beloved classical PDF-roman. Print A large choice of free classical books, classics, stories, theatre pieces and non-fiction by over ninety people. Digital Publishing Scorpius has many free e-books available: http://scorpiusdigital.com/freebooks/index. html Only in Microsoft Reader however.

Free or low-cost e-books in either fairy tales or non-fiction. Available in Microsoft Reader and Adobe PDF-format. You must register (free of charge) on this page. Note: These guides are available as downloaded zipped documents that you can unpack for reading off-line. They' will show you the Amazon literature you'd like to have.

Specifically, over ten thousand ebooks are available on-line. Note: Many ebookstores also have a number of free e-books on their pages. However, only 8 Kb/sec file playback is free. Free-of-charge afroamerican e-books e-books from and about afro-americans. Everything in three different file types, HTML, Palmtop (.pdb) and MS Reader (.lit).

2004 UAE Yearbook in Arabic, French & Englisch. Free-of-charge Belarusian e-books in the Belarusian e-library. Provides Belarusian language literary works as well as some translation into and from Belarus. Formats for Adobe Reader. Croatian e-books free of charge classic of Croatian music. Important Croatian works up to the beginning of the twentieth c. centuries, diverse as on-line text, RTF or PDFs.

A few free works by modern Croation poets that can be viewed on-line. Provides more than 100 electronical articles of traditional Frensh literary works. Sociology: many traditional and modern francophone sociological textbooks. From July 2004, the collections will offer 954 works by 361 different artists. Free-of-charge English e-books This free page of a English e-book shop provides some tracks, mostly as PDFs.

An explosion from the past - difficult to find works and writers are presented here, especially by and/or about it. A few classical British and Hunguarian textbooks. Complimentary Hausa e-books in Hausa and Englisch, written by the deceased Alhaji Abubakar Imam. Free-of-charge India e-books-the Digital Library of India now has more than 29,000 titles on the web, opened in 2003 by President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam of India.

The aim is to produce a freely readable, browseable on-line library of one million titles, mainly in India, accessible to everyone via the intranet. Free-of-charge ltalian IP e-books. Available as Adobe Reader or similar softwares in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Romance writings, poems, theatre pieces and other writings, both classical and modern. HTML, for on-line viewing.

Free-of-charge e-books in Italians. Only in MS Reader file size. Manuzio Project, a free on-line site for reading and writing in Italy. Classical text in English, Latin and German. HTML (hypertext version); RTF (ideal for printing books); TXT (plain text): & zip for download. Different file types available, such as HTML, Download Zip and japanes ebook file types.

Free-of-charge Korean e-booksDigital Han'gukhak. Poland's free e-booksPolish language literary service on-line, thanks to the University of Gdansk. The collection comprises classical Lithuanian literary works and translation of works from other countries. Free-of-charge catalogsBiblioteka Agava, more on-line goods. To read HTML on-line. Moshkov's library. Thousands of free e-books. Manuals insian for Palm OS equipment in PCRC file formats.

RFenvironmental electronics archive. You can find here our sci-fi & fantasy book in English and onlines. Free-of-charge Serbia e-books Projekat Rastko. Furthermore, some of Serbia's literary works are available in other language versions, such as English, French, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Rumanian, Slovene, Russian and Ukrainian. Authorized updates. Accessible to view on-line.

Freelance unreleased literatures, mainly in Spanish and Catalan. e-autores. Audiobooks are also available. ?rk ½rk ¿½ykï ¿½leri Sandigi. By Texas Tech University, famous Turkic stories and other literatures, in both Turkic and British. PDF download for Adobe Reader 5. Note: only for literacy, studies or citations.

Sky-reader size. Please see http://www.ahmedbaki. com/english/ebooks/,with translations in preparation). Free-of-charge Ukranian e-books The electronic library of Ukranian literature. Classical lyrics of ukrainian Prosa. Available Vietnamesische e-books Vietnamesische Literatur Electronic Library. Urdu free e-books Awaz Sayeed's shorts. By the well-known writer, available in HTML now. Englisch-Urdu Search Dictionary" is a translation of a phrase from Urdu into Englishs.

Urdu Naskh and Urdu Roman to English (not all web browser are yet available for the latter two). Welsh Dictionary (subject to further correction) The first issue is available as an 18 Mbyte PDF that you can browse on your own computer using Adobe Reader 5 and later.

Updated free Welsh e-books Llyfrgell Owen - a library of Welsh texts. The text is simple, but an astonishing series of images on this uncommon website more than outweigh. The majority of the works are in English, but six other tongues are also in use. Indian Histories - Coyote Stories/Poems Indian Histories from the Indian Heritage Foundation, available in HTML now.

This is a true tidbit, available in HTML with great historic images. You can download free classical books (Poe, Verne, H.G. Wells, Conan Doyle, Brothers Grimm and many others) to your Am. telephone on this text-to-phone site. Or you can turn the text to view it in a more useful "landscape" mode.

You can also order most of the book at the Gutenberg School. This is a bibliographical edition of poems by UK and Ireland authors from 1789 to 1832 (not necessarily published), a time known in England's literature tradition as the Age of the Roth. University of California, Davis, von der Shields Library.

Chemie This useful site by Alexander Ragoisha from Belarus provides free full-text journals in chemistry. The majority are in Anglo-Saxon, with a section in Russian. Childrens and youth booksA multitude of well-known classics. Childrens bibliography online: the Rosetta project Children's magazine lit. Hunderts of children's textbooks available now. Available in Chinese, Farsi, Finnish, Spanish, Finnish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Maori, Polish, Rumanian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian or Spanish.

Over 480 full text computer and web based textbook ( "some publications only provide excerpts"). Enables computers to display part and full text copies of select new technological publications on-line. Complimentary Windows Security E-Books. Amazingly, these single sections or whole volumes can be downloaded in PDF file form.

Real-time Publishers offers some precious free Windows games in Microsoft. lite or Adobe PDF-format. Before you can view the textbooks, you must sign up - you will be informed by e-mail when new chapters/volumes are added or contents are changed. An 1. 08 Mbytes large volume for Adobe Reader.

You can download MS Word, RTF or PDF documents. A useful digital signal processing libary for anyone interested in electronic, digital signal processing (DSP) and math for computer scientists and related subjects. Here you will find downloadable or readable free of charge articles. The majority of them are available in separate sections.

Here you can obtain information from OECD journals free of charge (or order full text versions as downloadable files in German or French or order printed versions in bookshops). Elektronik ee.com A free specialist literature and association for electronic and electronic engineering. German glossary. German-US vocabulary. Ready by a Scot who spends some quality subsistence in the USA, this subtle work will help confused English-speaking individuals better comprehend US terms.

On-line etymology dictionary. A few HTML brief reports to view on-line. Over 5 million words, there is plenty to study about authors, literature and literature, and many more. They also have some printed work!

AllRefer. com offers a free encyclopaedia (Columbia Electronic encyclopedia, from Columbia University Press) & newspaper, health encyclopaedia & other useful encyclopedias. 14 language glossaries - English, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, French, Greek, Hebrew, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Roman, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish/Vietnamese. Contemporary free story and audiobooks philosophie, in hp3-files.

Inspiring text, as pdf files for on-line or off-line read. By Will Edwards of White Dove Books. Previous mathematical books. Watch on-line or download as . pdf files for off-line use. New" Pseudocolor in Pure and Applied Mathematics", a free on-line e-book with original Douglas C. Youvan codes.

Dictionary of Medicine on-line. More than 550 volumes in English, France, Germany and Spanish and some in Catalan, Italy, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Norwegian as well as Ruse. The text is free to view. One debts managment firm provides free down-loads on several debts and approval related subjects. As PDF files for Adobe Reader e-booklets about pets.

These free illustrative notebooks provide a variety of animals, terrestrial animals, retiles, fishes, and fowl as well as an overview of their habitat. They are provided by a Houston, Texas on-line ?pet superstore?. You can download it in PDF for Adobe Reader. For reading on-line or downloading as zip file to your computer. com provides quick access to over 7000 scientific journals that allow some or all of their on-line contents to be freely accessible to everyone (although some need free registration).

The new Radio Frequency e-Books For the technical experts, this useful site mainly offers PDF files (Adobe Reader). Academia The Library of Sciences is provided by "a non-profit organisation of researchers and doctors dedicated to making the world's academic and clinical publications a publicly accessible human resource". PLoS Biology (a biology service started in October 2003, both on-line and in print).

eLibrary of Science Mathematics e-books plus a few philosophies, physic and other title. Download in Adobe Reader (pdf format). Dr. Who e-books. On-line, page by page in SHTML or in clear text if you want to printout them. Since August 1997, UK-based Infinity Plus has published some of the most inventive literature, but mainly the shorts and other brief works that people try to find again and again.

On-line in HTML, or you can store them ('Save as....') to view them offline. Please note, however, that they are protected by copyrights for all other uses than simply studying. CHF/Fantasy E-Books & Help for the Handicapped. It provides access to both free and paid ebooks in these categories.

Esthetically presented for on-line read. Featuring animation soundeffects, available in HTML plus. Use Adobe Reader in PDF format. You may need to be patient; this page is difficult for modems to download. Free of charge available as downloaded zipped files (requires a zipped program to decompress). You can download the free. zipped (40kb) from the section freedomom doc: R.E. Harvey, at:

They are available in HTML or DjVu packed data-formats. You can download a free DjVu-Reader from the site. Web site development Rick Rouse offers several free e-books, which can be down-loaded as zip archives, for Webmaster. Mainly available as zip text and retrieval program feed. Download it as a text, PDF or Word document.

Below is a HTML (.ZIP) file of this " Most Holy Book " of Bah?'? Faith. These Buddhist text can be viewed with Adobe Reader or later. The text is currently available in English (UK & US variants), France, Germany, Spanish&Japanese. You can also download the text as compressed text file for download.

Sutras of Buddhist Readings Room & Other Contents for on-line read. American English. "½Extensive Buddhist text compilation to download. BuddhismEnglish to read on-line. Contains contemporary (early twentieth century) collections of Buddhist canons, as well as text from northern and southern Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist and more. Read more Buddhist e-books on-line.

On-line full text Cao Dai writings & textbooks, article, pictures & audio-visuals, in Vietnamese, English &rench. On-line in HTML. Bible Old & New Testaments reformatted for eReader (Palm Reader). A New Testament as a download. The new Testament TNIV release, as PDF for Adobe Acrobat. A wide range of Bible downloads for Palm OS, Pocket PCs, smartphones and some Nokia Smartphones, plus Bible readers available in English, & Albanian, Arabian, Chinese, Byzantine Greek, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, France, Germany, Hungarian, Italy, Romanian, Latin, Swedish & Spani.

The Ethereal LibraryChristian Classic's large library of important works of art. Particularly in English, but with some Cyrillic and Simplified English etexts, as well as some in Latin, Greek, France, Germany, Czech, Italian and Spanish. Christliches Latein - on-line editions of Latin Christians from Abelard to Thomas ? Kempis. Die katholische Enzyklopädie (issue 1914), for on-line readings or consultations.

Walther Library also offers a wide spectrum of Lutheran and Lutheran works: Mormonismus ( "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints") The Book of Mormon, on-line by HTML paragraph. Also available for download (.pdb file) for Palm & Windows CE units. Christian Joke's Collection More than 430 christian joke, put together by a young South Australian girl.

View HTML on-line. Translated in German by Professor Raimon Panikkar. Vast library of HTML Hindu ebooks and pdf. Available in 16 different language editions, or HTML only in German. At the moment this page contains the four Vedas as zip Word-Document for download, as well as Vedas Exerpts, Vedic Samhitas & Brahmanas Introduction and the Upanishades as Word-Files.

The Dvaita Text Resources Some classical Hindu text as PDFs in Sanskrit, some with Latin characters. Hindi Insights Many Hindu readable mini-texts on this award-winning site. Quran An electronic scan of M. H. Shakir's interpretation of the Holy Qur'an as released by Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc.

Quran in Arabian language originals, can be downloaded as a complete e-reader programme with full text and text size options, 2-D animation, 3-D sound, text colour, underlining colour, tags and more. As made by Samir Alicehajic from Zagreb, Croatia. Translation into and out of the language is contained in the Quran 6.51 language pack.

You can also find an on-line HTML German Quran and Hadith ("Sayings of the Prophet") on this page. Hadeith (sayings and traditions) A multitude of text on-line in HTML, some also containing music. Numerous NZ Moslem Net e-books in German. Versatile as Adobe PDF, Flash, MP3 files, HTML & standalone applications.

HTML viewing on line. You can also download chapters in text or MS Word or the whole encyclopaedia as a zip-download. On-line in HTML. You can download a PDF version of Muslim e-books (currently seven, more are planned) here. All Sufi eBooks in English and Germ. The Jaina Sutras - Akaranga Sutra and Kalpa Sutra, plus a multitude of other Jainas.

On-line in clear text and in HTML. You can find the contemporary German version of the Torah here on-line. It was released by the JPSA in 1985. In the narrower meaning (the Written Torah) is the Pentateuch, the first five Bible works. Tanakh, the Hehebrew Bible in four HTML languages - Arabic, German, Hebrew, Arabic, German and Simultaneous Arabic and German.

You can download the gezippte one. Buch-by-Buch printer-friendly versions and 3-P 3 footage of the Bibles of the Hebrew Bible as well as the JPS Bible for the Palm Pilot. One Torah encyclopaedia, in a unique English language and other Torah sources, all by: Jewish Torah Audi. Hassle-free access to thousands of lessons of comments, tales, poems, etc., all in RealAudio or downloaded sound formats.

Lots of resources on-line. Get hundreds of eBooks from Sephorim (Hebrew eBooks from Rabbis) as Adobe.pdfs. In addition, SeforimOnline. org distributes old and out-of-print Hebrew literature in Pho for free. It is also available as free e-books for Palm eReader, MobiPocket and iSilo reader and (in beta) for iPods. Microsoft Word file size; can be opened on-line or stored on the harddisk.

Spirivatewatch About a doze of free e-books that cover a variety of new age, psychic and mental topics and questions of living. On-line in HTML. Plus The Book of Tea & other lyrics. Choose fonts - IN HTML, English with Sanskrit. Tao Te Ching on-line, in English, Chinesisch & Deutsch translation. I Ching in English & Simplified Chinese, HTML.

Lots more taoistic lyrics available now. Zenz-Buddhism A treasure trove of Zen lyrics. Guide-Koans, Tales & Words gathered on-line. Tao of programming & much moreModern Russian internationality - with affection, in English, some classical & modern Zen-words. Zeng and the Art of Motorcycle Care View this icon in HTML or download it as PDF.

HTML version of a book can be viewed on your PC or notebook with any web browsers or other softwares. It can also be down-loaded to many handhelds, including various Palm OS gadgets, the Rocket eBook, the Franklin eBookman, smartphones and others. Adobe Reader is also available for portable device - different version for Palm OS & Windows CE device.

For Microsoft Reader title, use the Microsoft Reader program. You can use the (Palm) Reader (formerly Peanut Reader) for e-books in Palm & Palm Docs. Usually you will need to use one of the different unzip programs before the download. The entire package and more is available for free (at least in the base versions) via download link on our download page, where you will also find further information on formats.

Certain editions of our Readers Edition and other types of editions of software may be required.

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