Burmese Bookshelf Ebook Download

Myanmar Bookshelf Ebook Download

We' d also like to thank all visitors who sent and distributed books in our bookshelf. Yae Aye and Underwater World - Download. Burmese mixed eBooks to download and read in Burmese. Get eBooks and eAudiobooks to your mobile device with the Libby App: Purchase a paperback from the Monsoon website and get the ebook edition for free.

Download eBooks or audio books in MP-3 format to your phone.

Use the following statements for OverDrive tracks that cannot be directly viewed or played in the web browsers. Download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your portable devices with the Libby App: You can download the Libby application from your device's iPhone application storefront. Locate your own community libraries. In case the application does not find us via automatic navigation, use the locator and enter "Alachua County District Library" or your postcode.

As soon as you have found our archive, the application will lead you to the OverDrive-sammlung. At the top of the display a prompt such as "Welcome to the library" appears. Now, if you already have a librarycard, please insert it." Log in with your ID number and your passcode.

You can browse or browse for a song you want to use. Check-in articles show "Borrow" at the bottom of the right hand side next to the front page; checked-out articles show either "Hold" if you do not have the item in the queue, or "Waiting list" if you do.

Articles that you have currently check out will display "Open Book" instead. In order to restrict the results to tracks that can be immediately deleted, press "Refine" and then "Hide non-available tracks". In order to modify your cash register, press on "Borrow" and then on the lending term in "You borrow[whatever the title] for "7 days".

Here you can choose another loan time. After you have checked your loan term, press "Borrow" below. The" Show to device" is displayed below the album. Download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your portable devices with the OverDrive app: You can download the OverDrive application from your device's ApplicationShop.

Touching the OverDrive symbol at the top right of the display. Tapping Append Libraries. Choose your local neighbourhood by typing "Alachua County District Library" or your postcode. Choose your libary. To register, please press the three titles in the upper right corner. After logging in, press Preferences, and then choose your favorite loan time.

Choose a song to download. Check-in articles show "Available" above the front flap; checked-out articles show either "Waiting list" if you do not have the track on Hold or "On Hold" if you do so. If you want to download a song immediately, click Available Now. Touch the Borrow pushbutton under the lid.

Touch Selects size and EPUB size. Once the download of your books is complete, touch the menu symbol in the upper lefthand corner and then touch Bookshelf. Touch the front page of the album to open it. In order to give your song back prematurely in the OverDrive App: Launch the OverDrive application. Touch the OverDrive symbol at the top right.

Touch Bookcase. Touch and hold down the sleeve of the song you want to play back. Touch Back to View Reference. Confirmed that you want to prematurely give the song back. Returns and deletes the track. You can find further help in the OverDrive help.

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