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View Burmese Bookshelf's profile for competitors, acquisition history, news and more. Weyenyinthit Bookshelf collects Burmese books and is one of the first book search engines in Myanmar. Myanmar #Books #Novel #Burma #Myanmar. Book shelf translation in the English-Burmese dictionary. Myanmar's classic Burmese bookcase.

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MMB Bookshelf is a library of Burmese literature, papers, magazines for all the peoples of Burma around the globe. Now MM Bookshelf can also scan Burma everyday messages and the foreign currencies of many commercial and industrial companies in one place. like it and very useful. Reviews after downloading a textbook added. I' d like to thank the author for your efforts and find some obscure passages in some pages of the Ma Ma Ma Lay manual "Thu Lo Lu ???????".

I am pleased to read this work. Obviously I like this MM Bookshelf program and it is useful for me. I have a wide variety of expertise from this program and can't thank you enough. It is a very fun and amusing Myanmar comic strip game.


All the other globetrotting writers you encounter on the road are one of the great things about such an adventurous journey of global fiction. There are some who only read poems, theatre and non-fiction. And, in additon to the hard-core nuts among us, which are numerically and in my case temporally limited, there are many folks who plan that the adventures should last several years, if not years.

It is always a joy to listen to other researchers of literature, not least because they are often a great resource for thinking about what I have to do in the world. When Paul in Canada reacted to my halfway appeal with some proposals from his own sponsored read around the world I was fascinated to heed them.

Especially his decision for Myanmar, Nu Nu Nu Nu's book entitled Myanmar As They Bow- the first novel by a country-based author that has been localized and released in the US and nominated for an internationally acclaimed literature award, despite the Myanmar authorities' attempts to oppress it-soundedinspiring.

Around the Taungbyon Festivals, a big party of the Nat (ghosts) that takes place three days a year in a small town near Mandalay, the novel Daisy Bond follows, one of the most popular ghost media genders of the day, to make the most of the extravagance. However, when his love for a poor woman falls on his partners at the party, it looks as if Daisy's insecure life could collapse once and for all.

Yi's sensual description of the hustle and bustle of the occasion is a pleasure to overlook. With the inner soliloquies of a whole series of human beings - from the wealthy wife, the spirit guide on what to do with her husband's lover, and the older ones worried about the costs of the flower she had to provide, to the pick-pockets that move through the crowd - the storytelling blows and shocks of the readers, so that you might have the feeling that you are in the middle of the story.

Daisy Bond's vocals break into this lively sequence, one of the most disrespectful and marvelous of all the works of literature you will ever encounter. His unmistakable inner soliloquy draws a complicated and eventful image of a way of life that revolves around a deception and at the same time around a fountain of fulfilment and meaningm.

Honestly about the fact that Natcadaws like him "act with falsehood and urge humans to sell animals" and "raise mad hope because we have to eat", Daisy's description of his performance and of the self-portrayal he finds as a transcendental media show that despite all the cynicalness of the scams he deals with,

is surprisingly valuable and meaningful - similar to the British re-creating the event to "create a distraction in British days ", but has become a resource of hopes and an opportunity for making a livelihood for tens of millions of people. Daisy's clandestine relation to Min Min Min (homosexuality is still clandestine in Myanmar) shows this binary.

In spite of his common ill-treatment and degradation of the young people he had purchased as a teens seven years earlier, Daisy's addiction and emotions for the young man are clear. It' s proof of Yi's ability as a novelist that although we want to see Min Min Min Min breaking out and following his own wishes, we can't help but feel compassion for Daisy, for whom "gay lives carry such grave karma" and who is constantly persecuted by the thought that his loving "will abandon him for a true woman".

It is a forceful, touching and catchy work that has more than earned its place on the short-list of the Man Asia Literary Prize 2007.

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