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Burma's outstanding promoter..... is falling after the publication of unsatisfactory first quarter figures and the news of the..... The Burmese army regime has had almost 4 years of democratic rule in the country..... The Burmese army was formed in 1996..... Burmese Emperor.....

A rebellion in the Burmese city of Taeunggok,... Tehrik-i- Taliban Pakistan.... to break off ties with Myanmar and the Burmese message on the news stations, Hakimullah.... And in Burma..... Swiss Nazis are looking for news of human beings.....

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Following the March 1962 Coup d'Etat, Burma reacted quickly by establishing the Burma Workers' Council to safeguard the freedoms of the judiciary. 14 ] The mass media slowly became the army junta's sole proprietor under Ne Win. Under the Burma Wireless telegraph Act (1933), passed by the UK Democratic Republic in the days of colonisation, it is an offense to be in possession of a cordless telegraph without a permit.

The Law on the Registration of Printers and Publishing Companies (1962) required all publishing houses to send a copy of a book or magazine to the media to make changes before it is published. Filmgesetz (1996) states that licences for the production of movies must be acquired from Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprises, which will be censured later if necessary.

Pursuant to the Computer Science Development Act (1996), the Ministry of Communications must obtain preliminary approval from the press before using, installing or owning computer devices. It is now allowed to perform international folk and Burmese classical instruments. On the other hand, however, regional broadcasters often perform international well-known Burmese tunes.

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