Two beautiful Burmese kittens sitting together. Beautiful Burmese cat with golden eyes. Discover Kitty Gillesen's Forum "Burmees" on Pinterest. The Burmee cattery Casa di Legno. Small Burmee breed in Jubbega, Friesland.

Burmee | Katten | Rasinformatie

Burma's kitten race was born in 1930 from a female called''Wong Mau''. She was repatriated from Asia to San Francisco where she was raised by Dr. Joseph Thompson with the goal of breeding a race with a characteristic bay fur and a small but graceful physique similar to that of a Thai cats.

Then Wong Mau was again raised with her boy to build the foundation for the race. Until 1954 the Cath Fanciers Association recognized the Myanmar kitten as an official race. It was after the race had been previously recognized, but then the race was suspended. Until 1952, UK breeder had successfully raised several generation of real Burma males.

In June 1979 the International Cat Association recognized the race formally. Burma-Cat is a very kind, cute cat, which is characterized by attentiveness. Burma kittens can be eye-catching and become lonesome if abandoned for too long. They are full of personality and living with them never gets boring.

Burmees Ruby with uncut diamond & gold - Picture of Kaanchi Jewels, Jodhpur

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Burmee ruby 9.65 carats

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