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March 28, 1978, p. 8 We apologize for any inconvenience this mistake may have led to HEGHINGER ST. The American La France" fire extinguishers at a selling cost of S4 88 in our appendix to Friday's Capjtal, S488. The ( "Capital, The (Newspaper) - March 28, 1978, Annapolis, Maryland -6 AVENING Capitals Tun Mar. 28, 1978 The American La France" fire extinguishers advis should have been identified as 5CB not?

Commander Honoured The Army Order of World Wars" will be serving the new appointee commander of Ensign Capt and Mrs. Jack N Darby at his Ladies Night session on April 12 at 18:00 in the" Naval Academy" officers and Faculty Club Dinner will be at 19:00 This is a departure from the regular session on April 19.

Visiting speakers include former Annapolis National MOWW Commander and Past National Commander, Navy Vice Adm George C Dyer Lions bull roasting The Twin Beaches Lions Club will be sponsoring a roasted ox with bovine meat and everything on April 9 at the Dunkirk Fire Department on Route 4 tickets wildbe available at the front doors and all If l ome BLACK-EYED SUSAN, 4 Annapolis Sfreet Needlepoint your own home, chapel or shrine in engravings.

The ETCET- ELRA Shops, 162 Main Street, Annapolis. until Monday to Saturday, 12 to 5 Sunday. It' hot and cold and the clothing you will be wearing..... cold and chilly like a sunny mornings. By Diane Von Fursten- castle, a cotton-knitted sundress with a rose flower printing; a round neckline with necklines, a lavender printing at the neckline and waistline!

Also a breathtaking crêpe de chine gown and brown or whit dirndl tunics. Herman Geist's Herman Geist fabric gowns in pastels and great vinyl tunics in flower print with scarfs; redesigned vinyl T-shirts and all classical T's. All these new vernal and sommer gowns can be found at THE FINERY, 101 Annapolis Street, along with a very good range of sandcastle mailot and 2-piece swimsuits!

It' springtime and there's so much to do! "Maybe you don't always need us, but we are happy to know new Lanz clothes made of fresh springs and summers....in TOWN AND COUNTRY, 55 Maryland Avenue. You' ll like this year's line, which includes an elegant striped shirt gown in shades of pink and purple with a crunchy tangerine neck and cuffs...the beloved sunglasses with the stretch corset style...and a very good looking chequered jersey black jersey shirt made of plain black cambric and tartan tunic.

Weatherbee' multi-purpose all-weather jackets.... they can be worn for showers or shiny.... q Herring bone pattern in gray or tan a very lightweight trayunto jacket in bright sun brown q a hooded qiana jacket that is so pretty and very easy to carry and a cream coloured cuff.

animal age gallery, 222 Main Street. So, stop by Spectacular soon with the best embroideries, threads, specials and courses for even more fun on THE 12 Fronds Street. She has been given many new embroideries in early spring, among them wallets, watches and dresses. Sales are carried out with a select group of many hand-painted canvasses.

Are you interested in needle point categories color 267-7538 All so simply wonderfully lightweight attire in the hottest colours at DIANA PARKER, 206 Main Street! You' ll adore the lightweight, stretchy jersey over the trousers or as a seaside compress in buttermilk, smooth bronce, black and blue shortsleeve blouse with important embroidery, to softer, unconstucted blazers with fitting casual waistcoats in a worn vintage, olives and bones.

This year' s new design...... Accessoires.... so important... inclusive fabulous packs and jewellery there is the Rosemary Peck line, as seen in Bazaar and Vogue, turned and tied garments that go well with T-shirts and denims. the "Nautilus" can be used as a bodysuit, necklaces or belts. and "Picks", which you wears on your favourite turtleneck.

It' exhilarating.... all the fashion and accessoires of springs and summers. Freshly freshened vernal jewellery.... the final touches in an amazing selection of contemporary jewellery at BEVERLY'S, 53 West Street! Now if you plan a daylight saving weddings, it is a good idea to visit BEVERLY'S to order and pick out all your favorite weddings equipment such as toasts, pie cutters, personal serviettes and other articles you may need. The personal services you get at BEVERLY'S are free!

The Summit of Boston clothing line. at THE LEADER, 149 Main St.! Separate ones are available in either chequered or pale yellow with colour-coordinated trousers and dresses. Living-it-up this year and this season in Tami-T-Shirts!

And there are great silk and knitted frock coats, printed and striped dresses inclusive the unsewn Dirdlrock. Sports clothes that you will be wearing. An important news about a particular gift, from THISTLE STOP, LTD.

116B Cathedral Street ; customized yachting Illustrationen und handgravierte Skimshaw von Stephen Le ciel est la limite de ce qu'il peut faire ; Embleme, Boote, (en particulier) les prix de voile, les emblèmes maçonniques, seront gravés sur de l'ivoire blanc et peuvent être placés dans votre roue de bateau, baromètre, tête en vrac ou ensembles de bureau.

NAOMI'S Fresh as jump.... the three-piece suit are knockout pieces cut luxurious in the fine poly-gab at NAOMI'S, 32 West Street. Sweatshirts, coats and waistcoats in light, smooth forms in tan and grey in the different thicknesses. A nice, powdery pinks in missing thicknesses. This cream knitted gown is designed for springs with a jacket waistband and a neck with buttons.

Prepare for the dancing or parties in one of the many long dresses, among them a smooth golden coloured qiania skirt with strapless shoulder strap and fitting coat and a fluent tunica effect finish white/cord cut out. Brightly coloured fabric and original silkscreen print design now available at MARBUEHEAD HANDPRINTS-ANAPOUS, up on Mini Maliri 12 Main St.....

When you haven't seen your choice of materials before you begin to sew your winter and winter clothing, make it a point to see them. These are the ideal materials for sundresses, wrap, skirt (long or short) and sundresses, and now there are plain colours to go with all of them.

You will also find a range of children's clothing that you can order and deliver within a week...hole mont of their extraordinary calendar is another MARBUEHEAD HANDPRINTS printing from the same vibrant colour combination-' and they are now on the market!

The Galesville United Methodist Church will be sponsoring a chickens and roast oysters supper at Galesville Community Hall on April 8.

There' is also a baking chart veteran officials new unfit American Veterans officials will be set up wanl at a dinner-dance to be kept to Friday at Bay Back Inn. Welcome and supper starts at 18.00 with dances from 21.00 to 1.00.

Guest speakers for the evening to Onyx Inc. is Boyce Flora, director of the Ward Social Security Bureau in Glen Burme category reunification the 1953 graduate category of Calvert Hall College plans a twenty-fiveth reunification dinner-dance to be given at the academy on April 22. And I ll ll be the most amazing Sundau breakfast in Annapolis' Not On K Country Prosciutto, Lard and Egg Fish Newburg and all those goodies but fresh cheeses and begels and all those goodies too a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday all you can have kids under 12, (Specials on Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers, too1!

MANNAPOLIS 22 Market Space, Annapolis, Md. 268-2576 TH1 EVENING CAPITAL SERVING 9 OUT OF 10 HOOMES IN THE ANNAPOLIS AREA "Great News! New York Life's well-known "coach" can tell you that new and other endowment plans don't happen very often, so we're announcing our 78 Series with new, enhanced present-value plans with progressive and extremely attractive terms.

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