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Check out the online menu of Burmatown and other restaurants in Corte Madera, California. Myanmar - 474 pictures & 402 votes - Burmese - 60 Corte Madera Ave, Corte Madera, CA - Restaurant ratings - Telephone number This is one of the best Asiatic restaurant in Marin County, and waiting for a dinner will speak for itself. It' definitely a worthwhile meal. Up to now I only got take-away meals, and this is one of the few Asiatic restaurant where there is very little on the menu that I don't like.

Kimchi- and pork-stickers. Barbecue noodles. Burmatown Bao's chick. They are like small taco made of the same material as pigs' doughnuts are made in China cuisine. Best roasted loaf I've ever had with a great dip based on curried chocolate coconuts. Veal sherbet potatoe terrine. Shrimp Fry Stir.

One prawn stir-fry with leaking seeds, etc. This 6 meals are what we usually order to nourish four folks, a little expensive, but it's sometimes rewarding. Waiting can be long at busy periods, last case it was 40 or 45 mins. Then we began with the curried dip salad (forget the name of the bread).

We' re done with the poultry crème, pigs' clothing pasta and desserts. But if you look at the menu, you'll find out quite exactly what we ordered. And all their dishes are impeccable and tasty and amazing! So I asked for the gluten-free form of everything and was assured that they are very wary with alimentary sensitivities.

But I think it's a cross-contamination issue or maybe something more... but the gluten-free menu items arent altogether gluten-free. This is a freak-out for Hands down Burmatown. It' very small, but it's definitely a worthwhile time. It' tasty, refreshing and will pamper your palate. Small, narrow seats, often long waiting times, pleasant smiles, great meals, server with big people, no reservation.....

And Burmatown is a jewel. So we began with the mandatory tealeaf lettuce, which was lightweight, complex and tasty. Chilli and green pepper were aromatic, tangy and al dente. Aromatic. All the very famous spareribs and pasta flew out of the galley to almost every one. Frying the prawns stirred was very good with the hazelnut-riese..... made cute and flavored sky in my lips.

This meal goes even better with her pint. The Burmatown stand out for it's 4. 5 star with 500 conclusions. Anyway, we had the spaghetti and the chilli and onions. Would you like a little bit of apple? And Burmatown is definitely a good place to be. 45 minutes' delay.

Thank you Burmatown! One of my friends who was in Myanmar this weekend made me so envious when he said he had a big dish of Mohinga with crunchy topping. I' ve phoned Burmatown twice to see when they're serving the noodles.

Left last evening with a boyfriend and was amazed by the two-hour waiting time. Dinner was good, but the 2 hours of waiting made it a disappointment again. It' a spicy gravy that added another flavor to the meal. Had I just gone in and sitt down, I'd have another outlook, but here it comes....that 2 hours of waiting is just a dread.

There' s nothing I can think of that I'd be waiting two to do. I know, just put in a proper piece of sardonnay or something to drink so it's good. Similar to Burma Superstar (and B-Star Cafe) in the town, but you could even say a little more expensive in this overcrowded marine store. Tealeaf is ALWAYS a must, and while the promotions (more Asiatic mergers ) are a consideration, I remain with the classic and local burmesian food.

I would also say 3/5 for cockerel and 4/5 for prawn show comedy. The Burmatown shows a dedication to its guests, and that (plus tasty meals, I mean.........) will keep me comeback. They' ve got seats outside so folks can sit around waiting for a desk or taking orders.

Virtually no room in the diner to sit around. Alternatively, you'll tremble and turn into an ice cream sticks before they call your desk. Or, go down a pad or two to the winebar and have a cocktail while you are waiting for your desk. Jasmine pasta Jasmine bovine meat I think the Baos were the best.

I ordered chickens, meat and shrimps. Knoblauch pasta was fine. Also the cattle crème with ribs was fine. It was very delicate with the ribs, but I think the whole meal just had no flavour and didn't really smell like bran. For $16, we picked a prawn with cloves of garden shrimps, a guarana and a Korean ribeye.

Amazingly, I was enjoying the hen the most, but each one was very tasty. $13.50 burmesian curried chickens pasta. Usually Im not a big fan ofthe coir buzz but this one also had good aroma. $12.50 tealeaf. Since it was our first taste of Myanmar cuisine, it was only right and cheap to try the basicfoods.

We had the court at our desk and the servers shuffled it for us. The ambiance and services were a thumb high and the meal, although generally not my go-to's were of good qualitiy. Used to love the curried chick! A deliciously swollen cushion of chickens, prawns or cattle. Guineafowl are the best chickens I have ever had (by far!).

It' definitely a good idea to hold on, you won' t be sorry! A few years ago, when I first ate in Burmatown, they were brandnew and a real jewel. Her formula for succes seems very simple: tasty meals, pleasant services, cosy ambience and reasonable costs. The Burmatown people make it look simple somehow.

Your dinner is still impressive. The stand-out meals include: tea leaf salad (prepared at the table), garlick pasta, vegetable curried zamosas with dip sauce and kimichi pots. There' s so much more on this menu that I would love to come back to investigate it, but the above mentioned meals seem to be my first choice.

As a matter of fact, our whole dinner last evening was vegetable, except for the pig in our spaghetti. But, to be perfectly frank, I think the court would be better without the beef. Your tea leaf salad alone could eat 2-3 persons. Luckily, waiting is never too long.

There is really no convenient place to stay. I' ve been told by some people that you can go to the near winebar to have a seat and waited until the place calls when the dinner is over. Well, if the main issue in Burmatown is that it's too much fun, they're well.

And, to be frank, the cuisine here is so delicious and imaginative, it's definitely a good idea to stay! The service and meals are both 5-star. It is a very small place, await you to maintain, it is very appreciated because of the qualitiy of the foods. I' m gonna kill that one. Knoblauch greens are astonishing.

Tea leaf lettuce - ok, I never go into a leaf lettuce, but this is a must, yes, it's surprisingly tasty. The Burmatown Baos are stewed roll taco with your selection of stuffed meats or vegetari. Can' t wait to go back and try the other menu-points.

At the end of the meeting I wheeled to Burma and parking down the street. The hostess phoned my Glee six mins later for a dinner like a boss. When I scrolled in one was a window chart and menu . and the Hoisin Glazed Baby Back Ribs with garlic noodles.

Hoisin Glazed Baby Back Ribs with garlic noodles !!!! Garlic noodles are prepared to perfection. Myanmar City is a Baller On A Budget Approved Establishment. For those who are willing to stand a potentially long waiting period, go to an overcrowded dining room and scream to be listened to by your dining companion, who is only two steps away.

It is proof of the place' charms, the quality of the services and the incredible good meal that I do not hesistate to give a five-star rating. There is sometimes a prize to pay for Excellency, and in this case the prize is a long waiting time and a few small inconveniences that disappear from our memories with the first bit.

Then we also divided the pigs' clothing, poultry with pumpkin and onions. I' m sorry, these meals were so good, I'm worried that that's all I want when I come back, although I know I should try everything on the menu. Burmatown provides genuine, well-prepared and tasty food, outstanding services and a truly unforgettable cuisine.

I' ll definitely keep coming back no matter how long I have to sit down for a while. I' ve been wanting to try Burmatown for month now....and husband and I made it last for a much needed date game! So we ordered the tealeaf lettuce (vegetarian version), the steamsas, the bao trio (two vegetables and a gingerbread chicken) and the spaghetti.

Tealeaf lettuce was the bombs! Once I tried it, I said to my man that this was the kind of lettuce I could have every single nut! I find most of the places where I tried boa too gummy (like Burmatown), but not - their boa is perfect!

He liked the guinea fowl boa and the vegetables (yes, he got two and I got one). Knoblauchnudeln were also fantastic....perfectly spiced, not too savoury or garlicy! Heavenly tealeaf lettuce and desserts are a highlight. My favourites - lettuce and boa!

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