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Wonderfully presented and seriously spiced, great and unique in Marin. Taste, athmosphere, service, fellowship, everything is delectable. It'?s astonishing with those spaghetti and those greens. Astonishing flavours in every meal. The Burmatown is an utter jewel! Dinner was great. I' ve got a friend who owns two optic surgeries and another one who is a realtor in Marin.

and Quynh will tell all their customers and people about Burmatown. Thanks for giving this city a true personality and a great tidbit stuffed with noodles! Good meals and services. A great level of customer care and inventive eating make this a must.

Good meal and great ambience. Ox tail and prawns with verdant peas were the grand prize winner. This is one of my best dishes and general experience in Marin. Untretentious, delicious, fresh, fantasy. Astonishing cuisine, services, ambience!

The Burmatown Restaurant

Thong beans, baos and short ribs are a must. However, if they run out of one of these articles, I pledge you won't be dissapointed, because everything on their menus is spicy and it's definitely rewarding to get it. All on the meal list is great - there were four of us, so we ordered the familiar way and divided many marvellous meals.

It is a small place and they do not accept bookings, so be willing to waiting, especially if there are more than 2 of you (there are more desks for 2, but restricted bigger tables). and buy your own drink or drink while you are waiting. Every meal is a tasty pleasure, singular and well made.

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Meal overview: Burmatown a welcome complement

Conclusion: This small Asiatic food court prepares Burma favourites as well as imaginative corean, chines and thaï¿? food. Tealeaf lettuce, seafood soup and spaghetti and curries are prepared with Myanmar cuisine, while tasty and tasty combinations like kimi pots and stewed rolls with traditional Chines and South-Korea stuffings are great to have.

In our own cuisine we fermented the tealeaves and offer homemade sweets. Fortunately I was already in a desk, slurped some tasty morning sips, Burmesian seafood soup, and anticipated the next tasty course. The crowd seems to have rediscovered Burmatown, the new place that serves the food of Mayanmar along with some turns of local Oriental cuisine.

Use the Burmatown Bâos ($16), a set of stewed rolls shaped like tacos with a selection of infills. Vegetable soybean contained delicate bits of birds enriched with terrayaki flavours, while prawns were peeled and roasted in a frying pans to add a snapshot to each morsel. Tealeaf ($11) is a staple in Burma's restaurant and the ferment butter is the stars of the cuisine.

We were entrusted by our waiters with working in other Burma eating places, as well as a renowned San Francisco necklace, but they all bought the ferment leafs; he explained to us that the head cook made them here in the farm. It was obvious when we blew up the crispy lettuce mixture of crispy green coffee-bean ( "lentils"), shrimps, roasted grains of lettuce-seed, groundnuts, roasted cloves of green pepper and a little bite of jalapeño thrown with kale, Romaine and succulent herbs.

Slightly acidic, herbal, fermenting sheets serve as a sauce and melt the meal. "70 per cent of our clients order lettuce," said Jennifer Fujitani, and it was simple to understand why. Burma's main course is said to be a spicy seafood soup with Mahinga ($13). Pick the meats and add them with pasta, onion, coriander and a hard-boiled bean.

There was a large, steamy dish on the dinner plate, scented with a hint of fish. After digging in and enjoying the soothing aromas and texture of this tradition recipes, we slurped until there was not a single straw. One plate of spaghetti with pig meat ($12.50) was a treat for carburetor friends who use grilled eggs with lots of Chinese grilled pig meat, roasted with lots of green onions.

When it was well done, I didn't enjoy the flavour of the flavours that the earlier cuisines had. But that did not prevent people of all ages, even small children, from getting a shot at trying some of Burmatown's delicious, novel cuisine.

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