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Newest tweets from Burma Today (@BurmaToday). Myanmar Today is an online Burmese news group based in New York. Crowley is in Burma today to assess the situation on the ground and press for change. Myanmar Today is a weekly newspaper published in Burma. Lively Cities - Reports - Burma Today - Venetian Heritage - Short Films.

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Myanmar Today: The Victory of Aung San Suu Kyi

Like Chile's 1990 Burmese were fed up with the Burmese army ruling and destroying their country, and they did something about it this year. Aung San Suu Kyi won (again) by a large margin. Burma's army, which has occupied the country since the Allies, suffered the loss of Japan from Southeast Asia during World War II.

This Burmese force was run by Aung San Suu Kyi's sire in 1945. She is kept out of her nation's presidency for this "sin" of getting married to a non-Birman, although she and her political group have won almost every area. In 1988 Daw Suu also won a huge victory, but the armed forces simply said no to their huge and widespread backing.

Your award was grounded for the next 16 years. I and Dan Beeton, Jeremy Woodrum agreed to found a advocacy organization named US Campign for Burma. The My Human Rights Action Center worked with Jeremy to create a 30 days long Burma It Can't Have on YouTube initiative named "For the Lady," a project bursting with Los Angeles talents and dedication, and worked with Shepard Fairey to turn Daw Suu into an artistic iconic memory.

We' ve taken children's troops to Washington to uncover this illicit part of the Burmese military. Me and my partner Feryal Gharahi were actually two of the few humans who saw Daw Suu when she was under home detention all those years. Well, this whole thing worked. However, none of this is taking away the Burmese people's strength, boldness andcourge.

Burma's costs were high. For years, many were detained in jails and many were subjected to torture. and be a free man. for sixteen years with her group. After being released from detention, Daw Suu traveled the globe and received prizes, including the Nobel Prize.

Commenting clearly that she was a political figure, not a defender of people. She has brought through these years of home imprisonment the same powers and reflections she will now exercise when she assumes this state. Proving that she was a political figure when she made the National League for Democracy slates for the 2015 elections, she left out many of her brave supports from the 88s, who had been so supportive of her then.

It showed that she was a political woman again when Burma's Burmese friars, bourgeois and military killed and threatened the Rohingya tribe (Muslims) in Burma. The most Rohingya have been around for hundreds of years. While there were and are many issues in Burma, especially with the Rohingya, I thought she could not be hardassed until she actually got the law enforcement, genuine government.

Judged by their acts, not by those of the armed forces, which have committed mass violations of man. Judgement follows force. It was a splendid election and the Burmese government reacted to it and the NLDda. Burma's armed forces have made a fortune with the sale of precious wood, mineral and herbs. There is still 25% of Parliament controlled by the armed forces.

It also knows the lust and the might of the West. Hopefully, under her guidance, Burma will adopt the Chilean pattern to develop the country into an economically stable country, reflecting Sudan's experiences of forgiving and atonement.

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