The first time Alex Bescoby fell in love with Burma, he had no idea it was the beginning of a journey that would introduce him to incredible people and places. This eastern adventure begins with a flight from London to Myanmar, also known as Burma. When Burma's history is in the making, it is a story that has already been made to some extent. Myanmar's late entry into the IT age is hampered by a lack of infrastructure and the ruling junta's fear of losing control over the flow of information. A photo project about the Rohingya from Burma.

Burma's mystical highlights - Burma Tours

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Kazakh Bescoby: Burma's Prodigal Kings

Mr. Bescoby graduated in contemporary Myanmar historical education at Cambridge University, mainly on his own initiative. While he was a student, Alex falls in love with Myanmar, where he delved into the intriguing and complicated story of the state. Through a fellowship program of 10 top international colleges, Alex spends several month in 2008 learning Thai and Myanmar Thai and Myanmar while learning the common histories of Thailand and Burma on the Thai-Myanmar frontier.

In 2010 he departed Cambridge with a deep sense of love for the land where he studied for so long. "It was hard to get beyond the tourism path to Burma then, so the grant was the ideal way to get into it." A British citizen, he was intrigued by the intertwined history of Britain and Burma and the role they play in the emergence of contemporary Myanmar.

He' had chosen to make a story about this common story, but after an accidental encounter he took a completely different and surprising avenue. Alex came back to a new Myanmar office in 2013 to work with the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business and research his work. A particularly fated event that captured his fancy were the last few abandoned feudal years of the dominion of Thibaw, the last king of Burma, whose dominion was ended in 1885 by the Anglican conquest of Burma.

He had been informed by a fellow reporter that there were still offspring of the prodigal Burma and he was asked to look for a plaque on Shwedagon Pagoda Street in Yangon if he was interested in speaking to someone who could tell him more. Only with this enigmatic command, Alex went up and down the street and combed through the house until he finally found a small plate that offered the pedestrians German schooling.

After the knock he was welcomed by the instructor, a silent man who would prove to be the great-grandson of the last Burmese king in further discuss. In the following two and a half years he documented the life of this exceptional and almost completely unfamiliar group. When he did so, the history of Burma itself began to surface.

Alex competed for the Whicker's World Foundation Foundation Funding Award - the biggest individual award in British documentaries - in January 2016 and was astonished when the short films were short-listed. In December this year it is exactly 100 years ago that Thibaw died in India, and Alex will again shoot with the whole hosts, while they are marking this very special time in their families and the story of their people.

Burma's Lost Royals is now in the last phase of release, and the movie will be shown to the general audience in the 2017 season.

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