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Healthcare equipment in Aston, PA. Request access to explore the full profile of Burmans Medical Supplies. at Burman's Medical Supplies. BurmansRx family of companies consists of Burmans Pharmacy, BurmansRx Specialty and Burmans Medical Supplies.

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Please do yourself a favour and do NOT get engaged in this work. I' m not sure if it's because we're elderly or because the business just isn't trustworthy, but they kept charging us something we were paying for in early December 2016. and she said if I leave a note, they'd call me back.

I' left a note, but a fortnight later I haven't known them. I' m only covering this as a MEASUREMENT ALERT that when you get a bill, especially from medical resources, you should always examine it and repeat it to make sure it's money you owe. However, I'm not sure what you're getting.

Can' t picture how many folks have been getting faulty bills and just paying because they don't have it.

Burmans Medical Accessories - Aston, PA

We' ve been working with Burman's for over 3 month (through the Wund Centre that makes all requests) and the longer we have to be looked after by them (unfortunately they're the only firm that uses UPMC Pinnacle and grievances don't go where) the less after that. At the beginning it wasn't too serious (although communicating was always the main problem).

There''s no consistency in the individual you talk to (today I could listen to someone "coaching" in the background); they always quarrel with you instead of trying to help (always blaming UPMC Pinnacle for the issue, who in turn accuses Burman's and puts the patients in the center to solve it); the shipment takes 2 extra working nights (oh, but that's a UPS issue they say..... not a lag in the preparation of the order).

ýYou totally failed completing an order (until I called), never even apologised and make it very complicated to buy any supplies on your own (those assurances do not cover). They had to buy more than the insurer would provide, found nothing on the spot, and did nothing to help. And not to forget that Burman's choice is restricted and the prizes are outrageous....4 x those of another business that I have found myself through a lot of hard work and work.

Burmans definitely would NOT be recommended. And I can't wait for us to get them through the surgical site.

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