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Myanmar's offers a Specialty Pharmacy Medical Supplies and a standard pharmacy. Receive directions, reports and information for Burman's Medical Supplies in Aston, PA. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Burman's Medical Supplies in Aston, PA. Browse our free database for email addresses and direct dialing for employees of Burmans Medical Supplies Inc. Find out who you know at Burmans Community Pharmacy, use your professional network and get hired.

The Burmans re-focused on supplies

PHIA PHILADEL PHIA - After more than half a hundred years in the store, Steve Burman recently divested Burmans Pharmacies, a parish drugstore established by his sire. Sales, along with the nearly $83 million divestment of Burmans Specialty pharmacy to Diplomat pharmacy in 2015, will allow Burman to focus again on Burmans Medical Supplies, which specialises in catheter dressing (80%) (20%).

With a turnover of approximately $12 million a year, Burmans Medical Supplies has reorganised its top management, named a new COO Katie Battista and redesigned its website. Each of these products reduces the overheads - lower inventories, no vans - and makes Burmans an advantage. In addition, treatment of wounds offers healthcare providers the opportunity to find ways to cut healthcare expenditures within the wider healthcare system remit, e.g. by reducing the number of hospitals taking back patients for infection.

As a Medicare retailer, with an median 54-year lifespan, it is not highly reliant on Medicare and says that its variety of payors is part of its track record, even when Medicare trickles cutbacks to other payors and pushes down earnings, says Battista. Every diurnal Burmans admits about 50 new wounds nurses with an annual mean period of employment of two-month.

Burman's current documentary needs for the treatment of wounds are her own challenge, but Burman's own medical excellence - Steve Burman is a chemist himself - distinguishes her from others as she wants to expand the work. Burmans Medical has done just about everything over the years, from DME and airway diseases to speciality and compounded pharmacies to dressing and other disposables.

Concerning the sales of the chemist's shop specializing in compounds, which his dad began in 1965? Burmese says it's almost everything as always. He' dumped it on the chemist who's been in charge of the store for 10 years.

Burman's Medical Supplies Inc.

Burman's Medical Supplies Inc. Burman's has a Specialty Pharmacy Medical Supplies and a regular pharmacy. Burman's Specialty Pharmacy provides free care visitation, among other things, to help the patient learn how to administer medication to themselves. At our own cost, we provide these benefits to make sure that the patient's entire medical expertise helps his/her to stay healthy.

Our clinic has developed tailor-made programmes to address the difficult healthcare environments and sophisticated medication treatments associated with specific ailments. It is our constant ambition to enhance our nursing and to develop new methods. Burman's Medical Supplies is committed to providing patients with the highest level of convenience and safety.

Its employees include chemists, diabetic specialist, tissue management professionals and urologists. Our competent client services and invoicing expertise ensures that our customers receive reliable, personalized services. We' re going the additional distance to make sure that the policy is used correctly and that all services are co-ordinated and detailed explanations are given. Burman?s Medical Supplies stocks tens of thousand of products from all leading suppliers and provides comfortable, discrete shipping possibilities.

Burman's Pharmacies is an autonomous private medicine store that provides free medical advice and a broad range of nutritional supplementation.

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