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Here you will find contact information, directions and details about Burman's Medical Supplies, Inc. in Aston PA. In Brookhaven, PA, Burman's Medical Supplies Inc. offers medical accessories and equipment. Myanmar Medical Supplies and Specialty Pharmacy, Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie.

Myanmar's Medical Supplies, which also operates under the name Burman's Apothecary, is located in Aston, Pennsylvania. Provider of durable medical devices (DME) (continued).

Burman's Medical Supplies Inc - Burman's Medical Supplies, Inc. au 210 Bridgewater Rd Suite 1 Aston, PA 19014

Name of companyBurman's Medical Supplies, Inc. All Medicare cover is required to cover each article. For more information on medical devices and medicines provided by the vendor, call Burman's Medical Supplies, Inc. at (610) 833-4300 and review your medical device and medication issues and issues, financial claims and applications before making a purchasing or direct to the shop.

The vendor biometrics was extrapolated from the data set published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on August 3, 2018.

EO Spotlight: Burman von Burman's Medical Supplies de Steve Burman.

In 1983 I completed the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (now University of the Sciences) with a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy and received the Presidents Award for high level of excellence. I worked for my dad, Harvey Burman, at Burman's Pharmacies (Brookhaven, PA), and in 1995 I bought the drugstore from my sire.

I started Burman's Home Healthare in 1989, which was known for its extensive, long-lasting medical device (DME), dissolved matter and hospital breathing programme. In 2003 I divested this firm and in the same year I established Burman's Medical Supplies to concentrate on treating wounds. Burman's Medical supplies is a long-lasting supplier of medical devices specialising in surgical dressings and urology accessories.

Deliveries are made on the same date and we ensure that anyone who lives outside our supply area will be shipped over-night. Our company is proud of the quality of our patient and physician services - we go beyond their needs and aspirations. In 2001, the irony was that nursing staff and surgical centres tried to find DME firms that would supply patient dressings in their wards.

Pharmaceutical and DME expertise was the keys to success, because correct encoding and invoicing can be very onerous. Which are some of your most important product and/or features that clearly differentiate your trademark? - In 2010, we were awarded the Customer Service of the Year Award by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

  • We were able to set up a complete range of activities, which also includes the specialist formulation of drugs for the treatment of wounds. - We are able to provide all desired dressing materials. - Our client support staff has become an expert in this field. As a matter of fact, we still have our initial 2003 support group!

It is our vision to improve the financial well-being and quality of living of all interested stakeholders - i.e. the company's shareholders and all Burman's staff - by offering well-paid workplaces, service plans and agility; our distributors by punctually payment our invoices; the insurers with whom we sign contracts for the wise use of health funds; our fellowship by giving something back to our communities; and our patient-friendly staff by not giving useless stock.

There is a committed group of people working together to make sure we take the best possible patient care. It is important that we keep stock and deliver reliably. Our kind client services staff understand and understand surgical dressings and have a good grasp of the dosable amounts, product type, diagnostic code, anatomical characteristics, size, amount of extrudate and hygienic product, to name but a few.

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