Burmans Community Pharmacy

The Burmans Community Pharmacy

Summit Health Pharmacy Inc.'s overall average patient review is excellent. Aseptic compounding, drug compounding | Summit Health Pharmacy The trustworthy neighbourhood pharmacy for compounded, special and off-the-shelf drugs. Acknowledged as a PCAB/ACHC-accredited clean and non-sterile compounded pharmacy, Summit Health is the highest level of certification in the compounds industries. Our clinic offers advice on medicines for people with complex illnesses, i.

e. they administer several diseases and medicines.

We' re not just involved with our community, but with other countries where we're licenced, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut and Indiana. We are extending our personalised support to vendors and vendors, as they are an integrated part of our trustworthy community.

Pharmacies work in close cooperation with physicians to deliver medicines that address patients' needs. We supply high-value active ingredients and medicines to help producers conduct your studies. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, Summit Health Pharmacy has recently gone through a phase of rapid development and expand.

Burman's pharmacy was founded over 50 years ago and over the last ten years we have specialised in manufacturing medicines to suit the needs of our people. Our move to Summit Pharmacy gives us even greater ability to address problems with medicines for our clients, to manufacture tailor-made medicines, to work in close cooperation with suppliers and to provide our range of QA support service to producers of CLT.

Our aim is to build stronger links with society by addressing patients' needs, working in close collaboration with physicians and offering our esteemed producers top of the line medical devices. Summit Health Pharmacy treats you like a family: health care is our first commandment. Ten years ago, Vince Canzanese founded Summit Health Pharmacy (then Burman's Community Pharmacy) as a compounder within an independant pharmacy with the aim of offering high value active ingredients to people in need of high value compounderage.

In September 2016, Vince took over responsibility for Summit Health Pharmacy and will continue the company's operations with the same main objectives: providing premium products and personalised medicines for people. A pharmacist from Temple University in 1993, Vince has over 20 years of pharmacy and retailing expertise.

Since 2000, Vince has been a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and a member of the PCCA Advisory Council (2017-2019). We would be happy to help you if you would like to learn more about our personalised service for our clients, physicians and producers!

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