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My name is Burman's Health Shop, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. Myanmar's Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Brookhaven, PA. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Burman's Health Shop in Brookhaven, PA. It has become a coveted product for pain management and other things. Myanmar's Home Health Care Inc.

provides quality home care in Brookhaven, PA for senior citizens looking for care.

Burman's drugstore sells to diplomat for $83 million, but you' re expecting the same as before.

Brookhaaven >> Burman's Specialty Pharmacy is in the midst of being divested to listed Michigan-based Diplomat Pharmacy Inc. for nearly $83 million, and the changes will keep much of it the same for staff and clients. Burman's and Diplomat's deal ended on June 19 with the purchase of the Delaware County company for $72.8 million in $10 million in currency and $10 million in inventory.

This amendment relates to the company's specialised pharmacies operations on 3413 Edgmont Ave. Not included are the health care supply shop on Bridgewater Road in Aston and the normal chemist shops. Mr Battista said that Diplomat will take over all facets of the Burmese operation and that during a six-month transitional period, the Diplomat staff will be responsible for marketing, corporate communications and regulatory work.

Burman's 90 staff are scheduled to remain. They have been considering working together for some considerable amount of while, in part because of common ground. Burman's celebrates its 50-year anniversary and Diplomat is a 40-year-old business founded by a father-son squad, Dale and Phil Hagerman. One of the things that was so appealing about the fusion at that point in the process, Battista explains, was the upside.

Now with diplomatic involvement, the volumes are increasing. Battista also said that both Burman's and diplomats are patient-oriented businesses that are focused on caring for the fellowship. Said the sales come at a good moment as Burman's Specialty has been growing so quickly due to changes in the markets.

Meanwhile, Battista said the transaction will be of benefit to Burman's clients. Katheen Carey is the leading economic journalist for the Daily Times.

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Burman's Pharmacy has been family-owned and run for 40 years and prides itself on satisfying all patients' needs in terms of medicines, nutritional supplementation, nutrition and lifestyles. The five chemists have more than 100 years of professional expertise. That means more than just responding to questions: if necessary, our chemists will take the lead in advising you on your healthcare or your medicines.

When our chemists believe that an alternate medication or dosing will help you saving or better work, they will talk about your suggestion with your personal medical practicion. With a small group of five chemists to advise you on your medical condition and build stronger relations with your healthcare professional, in a nutshell, we are working to close the gaps between you and your healthcare professional.

That used to be the job of all chemists, but today Burman's is one of the few chemists to keep up this standards. Burman's pharmacy also carries on the largely neglected tradition of manufacturing tailor-made medicines. Whereas in the past all medicines were combined, today compounds offer doctors more possibilities for prescription.

Compounds are all carried out by our specialist chemists. Burman's also has a dedicated medical staff with particular experience in the treatment of childbirth and infertility. We understand the specific needs and worries of these people, making us one of the privileged drugstores for their physicians throughout the Delaware Valley. Burman's Apothecary is a networking service for Medicare and most pharmaceutical services.

If for some occasion we are not able to work on your recipe, we will always refer you to another pharmacist who can.

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