Burman University Lacombe

Burmese University Lacombe

The annual Serve Lacombe (service day) was a complete success! Find out who you know at Burman University, use your professional network and get hired. Air photo of the Burman University campus in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, where Dr. Loren Agrey was appointed President. Lacombe Inn Best Western Plus & Suites: Are local entrepreneurs recommending Burman University?

Burmese University (

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Burmese University | NEOS

The Burman University (formerly Canadian University College) is an independent, certified institute for free art, which belongs to and is run by the Seventh-day Adventist University. Their task is to offer higher learning in a framework of academical excellency and religious engagement to members of the churches and others who wish to learn in a christian environment.

It is also an expanded university for graduates in marriage and family therapy (Loma Linda University) and elementary education (LaSierra University). Penalties and other payment may be made at this point in personal or by post, as well as by bank draft, check or payment order (payable to Canadian University College).

The Burman University is situated on the northern side of the city of Lacombe. Leave Highway 2 at the Nord or Süd Lacombe junction and continue following the signposts to Collegiate. You will find the school on the southern side of the school, on the western side of the street. Visitors can park in the alley just outside the building (above the court).

Burmese University - Adventist Online Yearbook

Graduate Administration, Nobel Donkor. Treasury, Darrell Huether. and enrolment, Sergie M. Ferrer, Jr. Student Services, Stacy Hunter. Bookkeeping, Pope Gondwe. Compter Services, Colin Hill. Debra Chenowith. Librarian, Sheila Clark; Assistant, Darel Bennedbaek. Deans, Shannan Blabey, David Ringer, Brent van Rensburg. Art, John McDowell; Darel Bennedbaek, Sheila Clark, Isaac Darko, Marc Froese, Darren George, Patsy Glatt, Glen Graham, Adoree Hatton, John Hoyt, Adam Kis, Laurie Ringer, Tennyson Samraj.

Louicius Michel; Jenipher Chitate, David Jeffrey. Science, Bruce Buttler; Sandra Acquah, John Connors, David Delafield, Noble Donkor, Craig Gerst, Klaus Irrgang, DonnaLee Lehmann, Paul Lehmann, Pekka Maattanen, Ellison Obisike, Peter Otieno, Ewa Rambally, Jair Ramos-Medina, Ron Schafer, Peter Wass, Laurence Wong.

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