Burman School

Burmese School

The Burman Infant School is located in Shirley, Solihull and belongs to the municipality of Solihull. The best school guide in Britain. Maxwell School is a graduate school for social sciences with a unique multidisciplinary character that transcends traditional departmental boundaries. The Public Service Community High School is located in Los Angeles, California. Burmese earned three letters in baseball, three in football and one in basketball as preparation at Laramie High School.

Hopefully your baby will be enjoying his or her stay with Burman and we look forward to a long and prosperous with you.

Hopefully your baby will be enjoying their stay with Burman and we look forward to a long and prosperous with you. Our goal at Burman is to satisfy the needs of all our kids by bringing a wide spectrum of experience and opportunity. 30 hours of childcare/education financed.

Burmese kindergarten and extracurricular club

Since September 2013 the very beloved Before and After School Club has been expanded by a local kindergarten in Burman. Starting in 2015, this facility will be expanded and offers not only all-round care for the kindergarten in the afternoons, but also a full kindergarten facility for kids two years and older.

Before and After School Club is now an Out of School Club that offers a range of services not only before and after school, but also whenever the school is shut down. It is open to kids between the ages of three and eleven, even if they are not attending a Burmese school. On the school grounds we work in specially constructed, self-contained accommodations and are now open all year round, except on public holiday and for a whole Christmas period.

There is a broad spectrum of educational and entertaining opportunities for schoolchildren. Our days are organized so that all our kids can grow up in the way that best suits their needs. Employees supervise and evaluate children's progress and keep personal notes of each child's performance that they are sharing with you (preschool children).

Our courteous and attentive employees take the necessary amount of your child's imagination and are always at your disposal. When your baby goes to kindergarten, the employees work in close cooperation with him or her to guarantee consistency and support the schooling. The kids are accompanied to and from school and communications manuals are provided to guarantee great communications between everyone who takes care of your kid - our environment, the school and you, the parents.

The Out of School Club is thrilling and enjoyable. Kids help in planning their own activites and no single activity is like another, from battles over daily excursions to cooking courses.

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