Burman's Medical Supplies inc

Burmese Medical Supplies Inc.

There is also a medical department based in Aston. ("Burman's Apothecary" trade name) is active in the field of medical equipment and supplies. Myllykoski Medical Supplies,; Burmans Community Pharmacy,; University of Sciences.

FOIA-disclosable NPPES health care provider information for health care providers BURMAN'S MEDICAL SUPPLIES, INC..... BOURMAN'S MEDICAL SUPPLIES, INC.'s specialty is listed as Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies.

Burman's Medical Supplies Inc - Aston PA bei 210 Bridgewater Rd, Suite 1

Burman's Medical Supplies Inc is a retail outlet of Burman's Medical Supplies, Inc, its mother corporation, in Aston, Pennsylvania. Burman's Medical Supplies Inc. is selling a combined of 7 paid Medicare articles on 210 Bridgewater Rd, Suite 1, Aston, PA 19014. However, Burman's Medical Supplies Inc. does not agree to Medicare as a method of settlement and you should call Burman's Medical Supplies Inc:

833-4300 for more information about medical devices, consumables and Medicare payments they have made. Information in this list comes directly from the Medicare data base. Comply with all Medicare cover requirements to help cover an article. Contact Burman's Medical Supplies Inc: They will also be discussing with them about insurances, Medicare issues and the need for medical care before going to them.


Provides medical devices such as ventilators, handicapped people's chairs, home dialyzer or home surveillance system that a doctor prescribes for use at home and can be used over a longer term. Latest Reviews for BURMAN'S MEDICAL SUPPLIES, INC. Thank you - your rating has been given!

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