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My name is Burman's Health Shop, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. Burman's Health Shop's Marty Burman explains and demonstrates the CBD products he carries in the store. Newest tweets from Burman's Health Shop (@burmanshealthPA). Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Burman's Health Shop in Brookhaven, PA. The Burmese Health Care Service is a reliable supplier of hemp CBD, CBD oil and other CBD products.

Who we are - Burman's Health Shop

He is the proprietor and publisher of Burman's Health Shop. Since 1996, he has own and operate Burman's, where superior quality consumer services and choice of products are unmatched. Ted Matthews, Burman's Health Shop Director, is a keen supporter of naturopathy, spa and fitnes. He is entering his forth year as Burman's Health Shop Director, operating/monitoring new products, support and education assets.

It has grown its businesses at an exponential rate and is continuing to provide its clients with first-class services and unrivalled, scientifically-based naturopathic products. He has a great deal of research and is familiar with the range of products, leaving no questions unanswered. Careful, impassioned, intelligent, Ted has taken Burman's client services to a new dimension.

Burmans Health Shop

A clinical nutritionist and industry pioneer, Carl GERMANO interviews Ted and Marty about cannabis, the cannabinoid system, cannabis absorption, stand-alone health stores, secret weight loss substances in Lite Burn and the top 4 nutritional supplement that EVERYONE needs. Borderline " starts with an introductory talk about conflicting health issues and other information.

On Friday Carl Germano (RD, CN, LDN) will talk to us about herbal cannabinoids.

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