Burman Industries inc

Myanmar Industries Inc.

Myanmar Industries Inc. is located in the city of North Hollywood, California. Bulk gelatine: Burman Industries carries gelatine products. Extensive experience in restructuring companies in all industries. The zoning approved in September allows any industrial or production use.

An award-winning music director, he works mainly in the Indian film industry.

This is the make-up artist's manual: Film, Television, Photography Techniques - Gretchen Davis, Mindy Hall

GREETCHEN David is a free-lance make-up artist and author. One 2012 Primetime Emmy nominee for make-up at Hemingway and Gelhourn, HBO, her long and extensive expertise in films, TV, photography as well as the development of the make-up course at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. A prizewinning make-up artist and advisor, MINDY HALL has a 30+ year history in Broadway movies, TV, print, theater and design.

In 2010 she won the Oscar for Best Make-up and in 2010 the Saturn Award for Best Make-up for Star Trek, Paramount Pictures, in 2011 Primetime Emmy Nominee for HBO's Cinema Verite and the 2004 Hollywood's Make-up Artist and Hairstylist Guild Award for the Broadway Show Wicked.


Our company is actively involved in major academia and top industries and serves customers from the high-tech, pharmaceutical, bank and more sectors. Our Boston based consulting team carries out research on issues such as sustainable development, bio- and nanotechnology and self-propelled vehicles through innovative approaches. Extensive expertise in corporate reorganization in all industries. More than 200 advisors from different background are based in our South Boston Business Consulting offices in the South Boston Business District.

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