Burman Industries

Burmese Industries

Myanmar is a leading provider of special effects for major Hollywood studios and is open to the public! Specialist shops at Burman Industries in Panorama City. Burmese Industries, make-up department: Panorama City, California. But the only name you should start with is Burman Industries.

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What makes this Dreamforce National Park stand Custom Prop Shop in North Hollywood designed for the Salesforce San Francisco Salesforce Users Show? All of the stand was moulded from plastic and covered with the Custom Prop Shop proprietary formulation coating. Then, the Dreamforce stand was handmade by an armies of landscape artists to look like genuine timber.

It was a one-of-a-kind experience for a fair and was more like a country reserve. North Hollywood, CA Custom Fabicator for feature film and television productions, Themed Entertainment.

Saticoy St Van Nuys, CA Theatre Equipment & Accessories

I' m driving for two and a half hour to inspect Burman's cast rosin and some other objects. Burmese Industries is fantastic. When you need something for specific fx make-up like sculpture, or moldings, bulky polystyrene, denture adhesives.... whatever you have it here. Nice place, nice supply. Lots of sculpture equipment and sound.

and really made it a pleasurable one.

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