Burman House

Burmese House

Nursing home based in Fenland, Burman House, operated by NorseCare. The Burman House (Burmanska huset) was built in the early decades of the 20th century as an exclusive residential building. I wish we knew what Mr Burman was thinking. So is Nikhil Burman's business and his auction house. It' simply not the wall that will collapse every day, but the whole house.

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IN SEARCH FOR NURSES? In accordance with 60 of the Health and Social Law 2008, we conducted this audit within the framework of our statutory tasks. The purpose of this survey was to verify that the supplier meets the statutory health and social welfare act 2008 in order to assess the overall health and social welfare services and to assess them in accordance with the 2014 Health and Social Health Act.

The Inspectorate's visit took place on 17 April 2018 and was not announced. A seasoned professional is a individual who has personally experienced the use or maintenance of someone who uses this kind of nursing work. The focus of this survey was on nursing for the elderly. In the course of the inspections, we checked the information available to us about the apartment, such as the information you had sent us.

We asked the authorities for their opinion about the services before the inspections. In our follow-up mission, we saw how employees are assisted and how they are treated. and two of our family. We also talked to five employees, among them nursing personnel, a cook, the assistant head and the reappointed head.

Missions of the company

There are two separated wing rooms for men and woman. The communal rooms are the central entrance hall, the fireplace, the kitchen area, the laundry room and the TV room. Within an Adventistic Christmas atmosphere such as ours, the inhabitants aspire to maintain the dormitory principle and an appropriate level of co-operative life. We as members of this fellowship find our shared center and our oneness in Jesus Christ.

Let us honor Him by inspiring one another to evolve intellectually and spiritually, to integrate belief and study, and to promote Christ's arousal. Let you find fulfilment not only in academia but also in the great redemption of Jesus Christ. Anyone who chooses to become part of the shared flat commits themselves to accepting and upholding the principals and moral standards of this group.

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