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Joseph Burman, Senior Lecturer

Currently I am a Senior Lecturer in Biology/Animal Sciences in the Life Sciences Section of the Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). After graduating from the CCCU, I received a post-doctoral degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), where I studied CCCU.

I am mainly interested in entomological issues and how entomological research can be used to address agricultural issues and protect biological diversity. I recently worked on the world's first ever installation of pheromone monitoring systems for the monitoring of hard-to-reach and vulnerable pests. Burman, J., Skeates, A., Cope, S., Lanteri, J. L., Fernandez-Grandon, M., & Hall, D. (2014).

Provisional results of pheromonological detection in Zygaena loti and the pheromonic potentials in mothwater preservation. I' ve also studied research for the Journal of Insect Conservation, the Entomologist's Gazette and Nota Lepidopterologica. Effects of exposition to artificial arthropods on the reproductive behavior of Zygaena filpendulae males: Consequences for the surveillance of endangered plant and animal life.

The Journal of Insect Conservation, 1-8. Burman, J., Talbert, R., & Carlton, K. (2014). It' an electronical meteorologic vanes for research. K., Bergman, K. O., Andersson, F., Hedenström, E., Jansson, N., Burman, J., ... & Milberg, P. (2014). Organic preservation, 171, 156-166. Musa, N., Andersson, K., Burman, J., Andersson, F., Hedenström, E., Jansson, N., ... & Milberg, P. (2013).

Burman, J., Bertolo, E., Capelo, J. L., & Ponsonby, D. (2010). Provisional results for the GC/MS analyses of transient and non-volatile chilocorus migritus. e-magazine for environmental, agricultural and food chemistry, 9(7), 1274-1282. Burman, J. (2014) Surveillance of moth with sexual attractants. 2014 Newsletter Moth Census, p. 6.

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