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Myanmar rage at magnificent jungle marriage on YouTube | World Press

  • Ceremony'cost three time government healthcare budget' string of diamond, cascade of cascade of champagne and dozens of million dollar in value of presents would be as sumptuous at any marriage. However, in Burma, one of Asia's impoverished nations, the luxuries shown to his sister by General Than Shwe, leader of the Burmese military regime, in a movie of the marriage, have kept the poor in their hands.

Lately published on the web, the leaking 10-minute clips has ammo for enemies of the army regimes, which say that the expenses for the wedding of the pair in July was more than three times the government healthcare budge. The most voluptuous of sequences, the video focuses on sparkling jewel clustering in the bride's head, Thandar Shwe, and then swings from her jewel earrings to at least six thick strands that look like gems.

During a sumptuous welcome, the bridegroom, Major Zw Phyo Win, a duty chief at the Department of Trade, pour cascading glass of wine and help his wife cut into a five-story cakes. It' s not clear how it has run out or how far it can be seen in Burma.

"This thoughtless forbearance - laughing, well-fed visitors in their best clothes and most precious jewellery - is an insult to the tens of millions in Burma who suffer from the incompetence and cruelty of Burma's army command, and to the tens of thousands of Burmese immigrants trying to make a livelihood on unfamiliar ground because there is no real work at home," writes the publisher Aung Zaw in Irrawaddy, a Thai mag that is beloved by exiled Burmans.

"Whenever he wanted to take it away, Than Shwe was the one who would accuse other top leader of corrupt practices. Details of the preparations for the marriage provided materials for viewers of the mysterious mode who believe that Than Shwe could prepare to withdraw from everyday life in the state. "Than Shwe and his second-in-command were at a single seat and all the other members of the Burmese military tribe were at a very remote one.

This says a great deal about the hierarchy," Soe Aung of the National Council for the Union of Burma in Bangkok cited. Than Shwe goes in film material from the ceremonial in a ceremonial room next to his daugther in a blank garment and a traditionally scarce general's face, named Longsgyi, who can almost always be seen in cloaks.

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