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Myanmar Yangon Travel

A directory of travel guides, blogs, books and accommodation for Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). This is our best travel advice from Yangon. Whereas passenger ferries to the delta are still used, the ferries to Upper Burma via the Irrawaddy River are now mainly limited to tourist river cruises.

Visiting Yangon on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

This activity reflects some of the experience they have had most during their visit to Yangon, using the best available travel books. The Burmese representative assisted us in finding a small elementary in Paya Ngoto that had been practically devastated and urgently needed a sponsor to help reconstruct the building and bring the 55 pupils from the provisional class-rooms back to the secondary one.

Around 4 pm you will be welcomed by your chauffeur and leader for a trip to the renowned Shwedagon Pagoda. This is a great way to see the inhabitants of the town show their respect after work or their schooling. Today mornings you will be enjoying a relaxed Yangon trip with your chauffeur and leader.

One of the highlights of your trip will certainly be a trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda, the gem in the cityscape.

A secret tip for Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Exotic " often seems like a stereotype, but it's the first thing I think of when I think of Yangon. Humans are sitting on small squats in the teashops and breweries generously spread throughout the town, and their roads are a maze of traders, clerks, offices, Trishaw riders and creme-colored cobblers.

Most of the grocery stores are portable, so they wear all kinds of things on their head or at both ends of a long bar over their shoulder. Yangon, or Rangoon as it was called until 1989, was Myanmar's capitol until its army ruler became paraanoid because of an alleged marine intrusion.

In 2007, the country was relocated to the site of a former marsh in the centre of Myanmar, virtually over night. But for the record, it didn't get through and the messages, business people and the expats stayed in Yangon. This economic and culture capitol is still a flourishing town with seven million inhabitants. The 2,000-year-old building is made of 60 tons of solid golden and is seen from most parts of the town ( "Drinking a glas of vine and gazing at it in the distant world is fascinating!

Climb aboard the Yangon Circle Line to take a look at the real life in Yangon. He circles the town and moves during the three-hour drive from very urbane to remarkable country settings (think of buffaloes swashing around in pools of mud). You can take a boat from the pier opposite the hundred-year-old Strand Hotel to Dala, which is part of Yangon, but has such a stark contrasts, partly because there is no Yangon River-route.

This 15-minute ride is usually full of locals bringing their goods (from fruit and vegetable to motorcycle parts) into town for sale, exchange or repairs. As you descend into Yangon, you will be able to experience the shortage of Dala vehicles - a thick line of motorcycles and Trinishaw riders will ask you for fare as soon as you leave the board.

On the side of the road, crowds of huge clusters of colourful cathedrals and an unbelievable variety of vegetable. Then drive to 19. street (also known as'Beer Street') for a cold drink and a barbecue. Burma is a pure cashless land with peculiarities - US dollar are widely acceptable (especially for larger tickets like your bill ), but they must be in as good as new state.

Myanmar is denominated Kyoto (pronounced "chat"), which the cash machines have been spewing out since they reached Myanmar in 2012 - thank God you don't have to be worried about the state of your Kie. Be sure to exchange any remaining Kyoto deposits back into US dollar before you depart, as they are not acceptable to exchange from outside Myanmar.

Yangon nationwide meal is Mahingya, a smoky bouillon usually served for breakfasts. Horde of humans assemble outdoors and often on the move, morning mobil stands for several portions of this extraordinary meal. The hygiene practice at the roadside stands is bad (partly because of missing acces to clear water), so make sure and prevent it.

Pick up your Myanmar favorites at places like Rangoon Teahouse - try Mahingya as well as Shan pasta or lettuce thought to prevent fatigue. Also the Monsoon Restaurant, which offers food from Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

Visit the Fiftyth Street Bar for a pint in this lovely bar. Most of his vendors are female and mostly come from marginalised societies, such as those who live with HIV. The Yangoods is a great shop on the open air that belongs to a famous chef. The Yangoods range includes exclusive, vintage-inspired pillow cases, carrier cases and couplings (to name but a few).

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