Burma Yangon Travel

Myanmar Yangon Travel

Discover Yangon holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Guide to Yangon (Rangoon). And Yangon is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Discover the ancient secrets of Myanmar on this tour from Yangon. They can fly to Yangon or Mandalay International Airports.

As one spends two day in Yangon: Southeast Asia's new boom town

After all, it is only a few years since Aung San Suu Kyi's request to keep us away during the shadowy period of armed domination and home arrest. The Yangon is located on the eastern shore of the Yangon Sea, about 30 km from the Andaman Sea. Marvel at over 360 grades of pagodas and the wide, bay Yangon Riviera behind it.

The Yangonese are enthusiasts at the roadside stands all over the town. No one knows exactly how old it is, but it seems to have increased many times over from around 600 BC, with new strata and vaults added over the ages to accommodate holy remains. On Sip Strand Sours (Mandalay Roman with lemon soda, sugared sirup and angostura bitter) on a ratan stool under slow rotating ventilators and you will only follow Ki-pling and Somerset Maugham.

Stroll along the shore trail through luxuriant landscaped areas on the edge of the vast Lake Inya, an extensive dam in the town. Extend your feet along Kaba Aye Pagoda Road (12) and watch swarms of rippling wild birds. Aung San Suu Kyi was under detention at the so-called "Lady House" (13) on 54 University Avenue, the most popular of which was attended by tens of thousand people.

Three-day trip to Yangon: TripAdvisor travel guide

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Yangon is 21 NM from the center of the Yangon and 11 NM from the Rankgoon Internacional Airports, 45 min from the center of Rankgoon and 24 min from the IATA.

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