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Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia that is not an island. More about Myanmar on WikiTravel. Burma, or Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, which is derived from the Burmese Empire. andalay travel guide - wikitravel.org.

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The Kyaiktiyo is a small city about 160 km from Yangon in southeast Myanmar, known for its gold rock and its rocky outcrop, which balances over a rock. The Kyaiktiyo is the name given by travelers to three places: Kyaiktiyo is located at the bottom of the mountains, on the road between Mawlamyine and Bago/Yangon.

The Kinpun resort, where most inexpensive pensions and hostels are situated, 15km/20min up the hill from Kyaiktiyo city. A further 30-minute ascent from Kinpun is the mountain hamlet, where the costly upper class hotel and the Golden Rock are in. There are a number of buses running from the Highway Railway Station (also known as Aung Mindalar Station ) in Yangon to Kyaiktiyo and Kinpun, a city 10 km from Kyaiktiyo, right at the foot of Mt Kyaiktiyo.

When you want to see the Golden Rock, don't get off at Kyaiktiyo (except in the rainy period when you are taken to Kinpun for a pick-up for your leg), get off early at Kinpun, in case of any doubts tell the musician that you want off at Kinpun, their English is restricted, but they should be able to tell you when to get off.

It costs MMK8.000 and the journey lasts 4½-5 h. From Yangon you can also take the local rail. If you buy your ticket at the railway or in the offices opposite the Sakura Building Downtown, please be sure to have your pass (or at least your number) with you.

It departs from Yangon on schedule and allegedly lasts four as many as four hours, but expects later. During the return journey, there will be hourly services through Kyaiktiyo until about 6:00 pm and then around noon. Anticipate delay for these moves back to Yangon, as they come all the way from the port of Dawei and waste on the way.

Pick-Up to Kinpun lasts about 20 minutes and cost MMK1.200 (this author charged MMK500 October 2015). You can take the bus/collection from Bago to Kyaiktiyo, which will cost about 3.000,- MMK. There are 5 hour trains and stations near the railway terminal. In order to get from Kinpun to the Golden Rock, you have to take a lorry and/or run.

It is located to the south of the Sea Sar Hotel/Restaurant. Attempt to select a lorry with backrests, as they are much more convenient for the upspeed. When you miss the last lorries, you will either have to go on foot (about 3 hours) or spend the night in one of the mountainside resorts.

They are 3000MMK each and can be pre-ordered at a small desktop in the lorry shed. Just get into the lorries without a bus pass, drive up the hill, the lorry stops and the cash is picked up by every one. A Palanquin, an eastern trolley driven by two people carrying the car and its occupants on their backs, can be used to carry you up the hill for about 8 USD.

Golden Rock (entrance fee for foreigners MMK10,000 - inevitable if you don't get a passport from a former visitor, good for 2 days) is one of the most important places of worship in Myanmar and a paradise for believing Buddhists. It is said that the rock is rooted on the hill by a sluice made of Buddha's own ascending snout.

It is a rather spectaculous view, especially at sundown, when it is illuminated by the settin' sundown and the electrical lighting that gathers a vast multitude of people. The sunrise is not nearly as big as the sundown, as the remainder of the hill is covered by the first beams of color. You are probably better off to the other side of the hill - maybe to the other side of the hill - for some great vistas.

In spite of renovations at the beginning of the year, from May 2016, the cliff is fully exposed again and there are no darkening work. There' s a pilgrim's way up to the gold cliff, which goes up about 4-5 hours and down about 3 hours and overcomes about 1000 height meters. Walking through the town on the top of the hill, you can ask for the way that will lead to a small cascade.

The small theme area to the south of Kinpun HGV stop. Seems unattractive until you try the Giant Ferris Wheels (4000 kyat) - one of the quickest in the whole wide range - and the vehicles actually rocks back and forth, giving the impression that they are always turned over.

On Kinpun's high road there are many eateries for the western ers and the well-to-do. The Móuntain Top Hotel with its own hotel is the best choice for those who want to drink alcohol at the top of the hill. Kinpun, 10 km from the city of Kyaiktiyo, has cheap inns.

Drawback is that you can't see the sundown or the sun rise on the top of the hill, because the first lorry starts from the basis at 06:00 o'clock and the last one from above at 18:00 o'clock. Eternity Resort - Kinpun - This is the true Eternity Resort.

English-language personnel, great rooms, but a little away from the city. Myo Thu - Kinpun - English language personnel, but power on and off. For a small twin room with common bath and ventilator, USD6 (or 10000k) per head, while a larger room with private bath costs USD20 (or 21000K).

The air conditioning does not work during the afternoon, and the showers take a while to heat up, but they are very heated. Kinpun - Has a very supportive staff member who often welcomes Yangon people. Doubleroom 20usd(fan) or 25usd ((AC). EMALDAL VILLA - Kinpun - twin room with communal bath 15.000kýat.

At the top of the hill, accomodation is confined and costly. Best Highland Hotels on the top of the world. The Golden Rocks Hotell - In the basecamp, 4 km from the rocks. At the moment (Apr 2013) the guesthouse is closing for renovation. Price is USD107 for a superb room and USD160 for a luxury.

For luxurious accommodations, the Mountain Top Hotel is both better and less expensive. -Yoe Yoe Lay Guest House - Located in the immediate vicinity of the Golden Rock at the foreigners checkpoint in the no-shoes area. Doublerooms are offered for 50 USD (the cost is 40.000 MYK, which is less than 45 USD) and are fitted with ventilator and TV.

You are better off going a little further to the Yoe Yoe Lay Hotel, which offers Wi-Fi and additional breakfasts at the same rate. -Yoe Yoe Lay Hotel - Probably the cheapest option on the mountains. The rooms begin at USD 50 for a back room, USD 60 for a panoramic room and USD 100 for a large one.

In order to get there, you have to pass the gold cliff and go on until you see a fluorescent label with the inscription "Hotel". The first time you arrive there may be difficult to find, as you don't anticipate finding anything behind the Gold Cliff, but there is actually a staircase that leads down to an whole town.

Situated in the centre of the staircase. For a lodging at the Golden Rock, already within the No Shoe area, call Mr. Kyaw Kyaw 09. There are two inexpensive and beautiful guesthouses in "Kyaikto", about 500 meters from the railway terminal and the coach stop:

"Air-conditioned twin room with ventilator, free Wi-Fi, free Wi-Fi, free Wi-Fi, free breakfasts (coffee, 2 toasts, marmalade, eggs), 13. There is a new guest house behind the GH called "Shwe Hintar" with rates from 8000k yat doubleroom (Feb 2017). Kinpun-Yangon busses depart from the near train stop at Kinpun to Yangon until at least 2 pm.

Inconvenient pick-ups to HpaAn are 5000 (3 hours) from the Win Express near the school. The Kyaikhto to Yangon, 1230, 2259, 0123.

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