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The Sule Pagoda in Yangon/Rangoon, Myanmar/Burma. That same page on Wikitravel referred to in Zeocrash's reply continues: You can find more information about Wikitravel here. Ref:http://wikitravel. org, http://www.travelbite.

co. ukLettez-moi de vous parler de l'une des principales attractions touristiques du Myanmar. It is lo Bago formerly known as Hanthawaddy City and the capital of the region in Myanmar.

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Myanmar's main and main languages are Myanmar (????????????? mien ma za ga). Myanmar is used by the Myanmar authorities to describe the country's languages, although most still call them "Burmese". Myanmar wordposition is subject-object ver, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon wordposition, which is subject-verb-object. Myanmar has received a number of honors.

People in Burma often use surnames like "brother", "sister", "aunt" instead of "you" and "me". Myanmar, similar to French, very seldom has conservative suffixes, as most become glootal registers (like the fraction in uh-oh!) or nasalized. Myanmar words spelled in Roman characters contain these extensions to indicate the fact that the extensions are spelled.

k' as in Kyaiktiyo (a Buddhistic place of pilgrimage), which is spoken chaih-TEE-ou. ne' like Mawlamyine (a town in Myanmar ), which is spoken mau-la-myain. as in Sagaing (a town in Burma ), which is spoken za-gainh. as in Myanmar, which is spelled myan-MA. t' as in Thatbyinnyu (a sanctuary in Bagan), which is uttered thah-BYIN-nyu.

Myanmar is a musical idiom composed of four notes (low, high, creaking, chequered). In Myanmar, all Myanmar accents follow this policy, although the terminology differs from area to area. Myanmar is spelled with the Myanmar alphabet, which is an old Brahmi typeface from India. Myanmar writing also contains many audio characters and sound-changing characters.

Myanmar uses an English-based romanization system. Myanmar has a complex sentence of vocals containing 12 of them. Myanmar syllables are aspirate (contains an'h' tone) and not aspirate (does not contain an'h' tone). Aspired and unaspired syllables are romanized in an irregular manner because there is no single system yet. Myanmar uses two of the following patterns when denying verbs: it means that the word was not executed.

" Myanmar numbers are based on the Arabian numerical system. ) Myanmar uses several measurement words. Remark: The Myanmar calender is an 8-day event, with a Wednesday-Thursday date, known as ya-hu, although this is strictly ritual.

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