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The Telenor Wikipedia Zero partnership offers free access to Wikipedia on Myanmar's mobile phone. Extensive background information about Burma/Myanmar with classified and commented links to thousands of full text documents about Burma. Take a look at Burma's name on Wikipedia. That former Burmese princess hasn't forgotten who she left behind. The Mountbatten of Burma is a title in the Peerage of the.

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The WikiProject was founded to promote better collaboration on Myanmar, also known as Burma. These pages and their sub-pages contain proposals for the format and lay-out of items that can be debated on the talc page of the projects.

It includes writing and writing about Myanmar, its politics, geographical, transport, cultural, historical, human and so on. Its aim is to extend the Myanmar Wikipedia resource in a way that is correct and equitable. Evaluation - Evaluation of the items' impact on the overall design.

This is probably one of our most important tasks at the beginning of the program and on an on-going one. This will help us identify which items merit and need the most interest from our members. Collaborate - Discussions take place after the evaluation of most items is complete. Contacting Wikipedia people who might be interested in the Wikipedia solution.

P2Reviews - Perform article peak revisions upon demand to promote better article collaboration and suggestions for further improve. Please note: Some items may not be of relevance to thisject. Hint: The report can now be adjusted by every single person.

Wikipedia in Burma - Wikipedia

Burma's Wikipedia (Burmese: ??????????????????? pronounced[mj?mà w?k??pi?di?]) is the Myanmar voice output of the free Wikipedia encyclopaedia. The issue was launched in July 2004 and had around 39,000 items by July 2018. In July 2018, 52,000 Myanmar Wikipedia[1] user, 4 administrators and 3,492 data sets ranked 85 in terms of the number of items.

Burma's Wikipedia up and running. Several of Burma's Wikipedians followed suit and began to write. 2008: The first Wikipedia in Bangkok, Thailand with Wikimedia Foundation members, Unicode professionals and Wikipedians from Burma. Wikipedia from Burma was presented at Barcamp Yangon.

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