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Commonwealth of Burma (?????

, Biruma renpo) is a country in Southeast Asia in the Strike Witches universe, bordering the Kingdom of Siamro. General " All Languages " Russian " All Topics " Nature " Earth " Asia " Burma. These are Russian terms that refer to the people, culture or territory of Burma. Burmese music has similarities with many other musical traditions in the region and is related to them. The PLOT Flory is a European station in Kyouktada, a village in Burma.


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Persons on Burma's postmarks

In 1937 Myanmar began to issue postage-stamps with its former name Burma..... It is a brief listing because Myanmar's postage stamping policy is among the most prudent in the rest of the word. They also avoid showing people on their postage stamps. Myanmar's postage was verified until 2000, and since gaining contemporary autonomy in 1948, only two persons have been identified.

It is a stump. This philosophical piece is a stump. That Myanmar story is a stump.

Countryspecifications Burma

Instead of {{Country information Burma}}} to {{Country information Myanmar}}, the first pattern goes through the second and through all parameter. Your link will always be "Myanmar", but the name you see is either "Burma" or "Myanmar", depending on which of the two patterns are used, even in patterns that usually have a standard set name ((like {{flagcountry}} and {{fb}}).

You can use "Burma" in historic context without setting |name= The versions from {{Country Myanmar}} can be used with both of them. pages of this pattern.

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